Tuesday, December 02, 2014


    I.         Call to Order 5:35 pm

    II.        Approve Agenda (2): Zahra moved, Sara 2nd

   III.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (2): tabled till next meeting

  IV.        Executive Reports:

a.    VP Internal (5): Grad housing update,

b.    VP External (5): Sara, potential higher tuition increase for out of state grad students. prof development  survey update

c.    VP Social (5): karaoke event recap, community service event announcement, annual holiday party on the 13th, FB challenges

d.    VP Finance (5): concern that events that are funded actually happen, bias events based on 1) whether it had happened previously, 2) whether the event can hit a broad base of grad students. Will put notification on website with bias. Concern expressed that this will create a bias to people we already fund, may feel like internal connections preferred

e.    VP Admin (5): council responsibilities, symposium updates and feedback

f.     President (10):

   V.        Staff Updates

a.         Campus Communications Director (5): feedback on curry—not positive email Ye comments, zot pass updates 5 vendors plus the pub are participating

b.         Legislative Liaison (5): women in leadership roles project call for volunteers, masters town hall update, UCSA update and survey will be coming out. commencement poll on speaker Seth MacFarlane ( 5) or Ellen Degeneres (14)

c.         Community Development Director (2): town hall for masters attendance was low, how to improve contact with masters students?

d.   Student Advocate General (2): SHIAC meeting, modifications to grad student benefits

e.   Campus Affairs Director (2): none

f.    International Committee Chair (2): soccer tournament went well, Thanksgiving dinners went well

VI.            14-46 To support the renewal of a memorandum of understanding  with UCI Parking and Transportation (5): 24, 0, 0

VII.           14-47 To ratify Funding Committee allocations (5): 24, 0, 0

 VIII.        Council Representative Updates (10):

Michelle: university provide space for students to store food or microwave foods? PhD nursing students don’t have anywhere to store or cook food

Coral: union member forum at 7 pm, 4011 Bren Hall 

IX.           New Business (2): none

Time Allotted: 80 minutes

Move to adjourn: Veronica, Sara 2nd

Adjourned: 6:45 pm