Tuesday, January 20, 2015


AGS COUNCIL MINUTESTuesday, January 20, 2015

  1. Call to Order 5:38 pm – 21 votes present

  2. Approve Agenda (1): movement by Ye, second by Becca. Motion passes. No


  3. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1): Raquel moves to approve, Becca

    seconded, Motion passes. No objections.

  4. ExecutiveReports:

    a. President (5) Goals and programs established in Fall:

i. NewtuitioninstitutedinNov2014.Reporthighlightsthatincreased

finding from grads coming in is being used for graduate students specifically. Any leftovers from tuition hike is going back into UCI bank. AGS proposes that they benefit students in unique ways, including: emergency scholarships. Up to us to come up for guidelines, very unique to UCI. Will be worked upon in internal meeting and all feedback should be included.

(Time extended 5 minutes)
ii. Major goals for implementing increased fees, discussed with J.

Napolitano. Fees should be tied to staffing and services and transferring correctly to those places. Sonali in charge of initiating that on UCI campus. Currently completing analysis of wait times, services from Fall quarter.

(Time Extended 10 mins)

iii. AGS Symposium – Format will be dramatically modified. Because applications were down from last year. Now at smaller level, entrants will receive special training and all will get a chance to present. Some modifications: Applicants not spread across all departments, so funds will be returned to departments (except for 10K other funding that will still make it possible). Volunteers also scaled down.

Question from Coral: Why not just extended deadline? Ye: If deadlines extended, still tough to make enough room for all to present. No selection process like last year, so having all present will be a challenge. Sonali: Also a big worry that amount of effort would be too much in current state, not going to be enough reward from doing it in same form. Jen: Disappointed that Symposium decision didn’t happen in council, because $ was really exciting and motivating for students.

(Time Extended 10 mins)
Coral: Web resolution or a way this could have been brought to AGS Council? Also, how has prize money changed? Sonali: Prize money has changed. Agree that Council could be more involved, will add to next meeting for full review of new plan. Ye: Symposium is scaled down but last version was very overblown for our capacity. Also, timeline was really tight between council meetings and hard to do over break. Becca: Decision to change it comes back to what

AGS should be. If goal is professional development, then this still does that. Also, has been tough on work for folks outside of core staff so decision felt like core staff’s to make. Chris: Still nice to allow others to get involved in decisions. Sonali: For future, special committee on Symposium: Coral Ye Zahra.

iv. Winter Goals and Timelines, see handout

  1. VP Internal (5): Next meeting to work on housing subsidies, scholarship issues. Will also be working on the analysis plan for the survey. Finally the Professional Development Career Conference, post flyers in your dept.

  2. VP External (5): Working on and monitoring tuition increase in the past 2 months, lots of discussion amongst students on lobbying/partnering. UCI will be lobbying with the Chancellor to keep funding the UC system and keep tuition low. Professional development survey results report is back and complete. Committee is still working on UCI-specific flyer from that survey data. On Divestment issue, Tim likely to vote no. Any reason to solicit more feedback? Sonali: Bring folks to council? Sara: Got really messy in Irvine town hall before. Coral: Same folks from union talks want to present, it was good then.

    (Time extended 5 minutes: Coral, seconded by Kelsey)
    Tim: Don’t mind bringing vote to council, interested to hear more. Kelsey: Can stick to time limit, Robert’s Rules, to make sure we limit time. Final

call: We will have a time slot at next meeting, invite any grad students who

are interested.

  1. VP Social (5): Fun parties! Stay tuned to Facebook page for more. New

    AGS website will have updated calendar for events.

  2. VP Finance (5): Justin absent.

  3. VP Admin (5): Position vacant.

V. Staff Updates

  1. Campus Communications Director (3): Working on Symposium and

    updating website. New website will have all features and content but be easier. Chris: Can we follow style guide so edits are consistent?

    i. Ifyouhavecreativeideasaboutgraduationchanges,talktoYe.

  2. Legislative Liaison (2): Going with Tim to lobby on campus climate,

    research, indebtedness. Still working on women in leadership conference.

    Talk to Sara about ideas for graduation speakers if you have new ones

VI. Resolution 14-48: To fill vacant VP Admin position (15)

a. Candidates from outside: two were interested, but they didn’t show up. b. Those making pitches: Sara Lone
c. Candidate approved 20-0-0

VII. Resolution 14-49: Appointment of Professional Development Coordinator (10)
a. Sonali -- Summarize: AGS is taking on lots of professional development programs, want to provide professional development resources to students, staff position to streamline activities AGS has taken on. We feel Raquel is a great fit for the role, already does a lot with PD programming.

b. Raquel – thinks position would be great to bring groups together for professional development that are all working on different things

Q from Will: what do you plan to do going onwards?
Raquel: Working with career center to hire new graduate student counselor, instead of coming up with new events, could work with career center to improve existing programs and improve attendance, that would be better than coming up with events out of the blue.
Jen – Thinks this is a great idea, this is the next step in enhancing professional development work that AGS does. Really smart.
Ye – Timing on this is good because career center is looking to hire someone to replace Christine Kelly, instead of hiring a university staff member who has been here for years and years, it’s good that we have someone who’s working together with them to hire someone, timing could not be better.
Sonali – Call for vote, no objections from council for Raquel appointment.
c. Candidate approved, no objections

VIII.New Business (5):
a. Jen Jones – announcement made by social sciences, sent to all current 6
th year PhD social science students currently writing dissertations – school sent out letter saying there would be no financial assistance or TAships from 5 years on, graduate students would be forced to pay tuition, health care costs, from that point on. Wanted to bring issue here, will update council as it unfolds because they made a bad mistake and they should hear from students. Would be great to have as many graduate students as possible.

Sonali – Surprising development within department given that you are being informed in Winter quarter, and all funding levels should be informed to student before fall quarter of the year so that it is enough time for student to plan.
Chris – has school been expanding? was funding cut? wants to understand where this is coming from.

Jen – Shock to us all. Funding has been unchanged, money that went to 6th years who were not guaranteed could now be given to new students.
Chris – so it’s temporary?
Jen – I don’t know who else is going to be affected, but certainly 5
th years, 4th years, and maybe 3rd years who weren’t grandfathered in to the policy basically. Ye – For 6th years not guaranteed funding, how are they supported?

Jen – TAships
Ye – In my dept. we had... advisors in my department are expected to support students. If your advisor can’t support you, there will be TAships available. Starting last quarter there are some 3
rd years who did not get TAships even though they also didn’t get funding. Chatted with accountant in dept, thought it was to account for new policy, but really a ton of grants ran out at the same time and it was just bad timing. Lots of students were upset with lack of TA support, but most people have found support either in a new advisor or in the department. Maybe you can look into negotiation with your department?
Coral – there was an implicit guarantee of funding for 6
th years

Jen – We are dependent on school, not grants, makes a huge difference in what we can and can’t do and ability to move money around. This is very early, but the earlier we get on this the better.
Sonali – Seems like it’s an interesting development and there may be more schools affected by this, if we can get data on how many students will be affected... I’ll have an update during next council meeting.

b. Dan – people are complaining about lack of bagel day.
Melissa – Will send out volunteer sheet again to... also need people to call bagel place every Tuesday for them to verify we have bagels/bagel day stuff.
Coral – Who’s job is this?
Sonali – I’ll be in charge of bagel day from now on, will send out spreadsheet for volunteers and call information. Need all hands on deck for bagel day.
Coral – If people are asking about bagel day they should sign up to help!
Sonali – I’ll be in charge of bagel day from now on
Coral – For BDS thing, recommend a few speakers for debate and a secret ballot.

Motion to adjourn by Jen
Seconded by Becca

Time Allotted: 62 minutes
Motion to adjourn, carries 6:25 pm