Tuesday, March 03, 2015

 AGS Council Minutes - March 3, 2015


I. Call to Order 5:45pm - 23 votes present


II. Move to approve agenda: Becca

Amended by Will to include SHIAC reps for 10 minutes 

Approved, no objections



a. Sonali updates — symposium this week, Napolitano and summer tuition increase talk


b. Melissa updates — PhD career conference, no one died. 


c. Tim updates — Divestment vote passed and made national news, one of the clauses was to divest from the US, made a lot of conservative blogs…  Meeting with Napolitano, she shut down, increase will still happen. Professional development flyer is done, gave report to Dean Leslie. Potential paid internships for graduate students. Going to UC Santa Barbara for UCSA meeting.

d. Becca updates — two things coming up before quarter ends, Holi Festival, next Friday (13th), Following evening (sat, 14th) st. patrick’s day party. 


e. Justin updates — last AGS meeting as grad student, been fun. Thanking Zara. Missed funding committee, Thanks everyone.


f. Sara updates — women in leadership and poetry night (OCGWS)


g. Ye — symposium full time. 


h. Abi — one world concert, next quarter, april 3. 

i. Zara — people have issues with housing and parking, nothing new. symposium. Social and finance work as well. 



SHIAC updates (Amy and Taylor) — today had meeting with provost for UCI, came to present plans for next year. Graduates are enrolled in self insured plan provided by UC SHip. Undergrads are on fully insured plan. Background on insurance. Overview of UC Ship. Graduate students: renewal rate from UC Ship and fully-insured options. Council Q&A. Committee hasn’t decided on which plan they’re going to go with yet. Meeting with Brokers on Monday for numbers. 


V. VP Internal Election 

Sara nominates Raquel 

Raquel 30 seconds to pitch.

No objections to vote by consensus 

No objections to Raquel appointment as VP Internal




Discussion of resolution

Amendment introduced by Bill, second by Melissa — … and that AGS opposed the provision of shared room arrangements for campus housing as the only option for student gradate guaranteed, or preferred, or priority option of graduate student guarantee. 


motion to extend time 5 minutes, Kelsey

Seconded by Joe


Bill moves to strike any content in resolution having to do with double occupancy, seconded by Joe. Discussion. Justin emphasizes urgency for agreeing on resolution and emphasizes importance of passing resolution now. 


Coral moves to amend, strike everything but AGS opposes, (4th paragraph), Completely strike paragraph 7

Second by Jen

Coral’s amendment passes with no objections


Bill withdraws amendment.




Yeas: 21

Nays: 1

Abstain: 1 


Motion carries, Resolution 14-50 passes


VII. Resolution 14-53


Explanation from Jen, Coral has suggested changes: the ask should be stronger, we should demand that they fully fund everyone through their 6th year. 

Coral move to amend to change last let it further be resolved, urges the school and Dean Mauer to fully fund PhD students through their normative time to degree

Jen seconded 

Discussion on Motion

Vote by consensus, no opposition, back to discussing resolution.


Coral moves to strike 3rd and 4th paragraph

Seconded by Justin

Vote by consensus, no opposition, amendment passes


Coral moves to amend (notes on resolution) 

1st page, 2nd paragraph: … students in the Departments including but not limited to Political Science and Sociology…

2nd page, 3rd paragraph:… the School’s decision will make many 6th year gradate students ineligible for teaching…

2nd page, last paragraph: … graduate students of the School of Social 

Sciences formally filed a contract…



Yea: 19

Nay: 0

Abstain: 0


Motion carries




Bill 14-54



One world concert for international committee.


Other three, AAUW for Equal Pay Day Event, April 14

FEMBA fully employed MBA students, networking event that is parent friendly 

History Graduate Student Association: interdisciplinary conference, April 10




Yea: 21

Nay: 0

Abstain: 0


Motion carries


IX. Council Member Updates — Michelle, went to SHIAC meeting


X. New Business — None. 


Motion to adjourn: Becca

Second: Raquel