Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I.               Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:38 by AGS President Tim Ma


II.              Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Becky

Seconded by Zahra


III.            Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Will

Seconded by John


    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    President (5)

Committees assigned, feel free to join more!

Orientation on 9/18, please sign up for at least one volunteer shift

System-wide campaign looks to be affordable housing and food security

Regents meeting on 9/16 – 9/17 in Irvine, you can sit in if you’d like

Dates set for Welcome Week Pub Party (September 26), AGS Symposium (April 22), and PhD Career Conference (February 12)


b.    VP Internal (3)

Internal Committee first meeting soon, anyone else welcome to join

Will be working on University Strategic Work Group to voice grad student concerns


c.    VP External (3)

Working with UCSA, two board meetings and Congress. Undergraduates this year will be working on mental health, grad students will be working on “agenda” of 5 topics: pathways to grad degrees, food security, healthy advisor relationships, housing, diversity


d.    VP Social (3)

Party at Red Barn, 40-50 people came

Fliers printed for Welcome Week Party, please pass out 5 each

Know any grad students with families? Send them my way, would love to include them in event planning

1st committee meeting on September 2nd


e.    VP Finance (3)

First meeting in September, feel free to join if you’re not assigned


f.    VP Admin (3)

If you weren’t assigned to committees, let Ryan know

If you know non-Council people interested in volunteering, let Ryan know

UCI Academic Senate Committee assignments coming soon


g. Symposium Committee

Emails coming to folks soon, Ye will be out of town for 3 weeks at end of summer


    V.       Healthcare Update (5)

                Working on choosing healthcare for the next year: UCShip, Anthem, or other?

                Need help thinking about whether insurance worked for you, survey coming out soon.

                Becky: Referral system is something that comes up a lot.

Ye: Can we get a comparison? They have been very secretive about this, taking away information in the past. Will voice displeasure with this at the meeting.

[Extend time by 3 mins, moved by Becky. Second by Aaron]

Any other questions, connect with Michelle


    VI.        Bill 15-01: 2015-16 AGS Budget (10)

                Income is promised, projected, or same as last year

                Grad enrollment same or smaller than last year, could slightly affect

                Chance: Move to delay the budget by next year, the discussion was not publicized as stated in bylaws and Law Board wants to see the stipends broken down before we vote.

                Second by Will

                Vote 22-0-0 tabled to next council meeting


    VII.     T-shirt selection (5)

                Votes in on a front and a back


    VIII.    New Business (5)

                Will: Grad students can teach classes over the summer, grad students get paid $3900 but if they hire an external person it is $8000. Some CS professors are upset about this. Anyone else experiencing this? Please talk to Will.


     IX. Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Zahra

Second by Ye


Meeting adjourned at  6:26 by AGS President Tim Ma