Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I.              Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:50 by AGS President Tim Ma



II.            Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Evangeline

Seconded by Becca



III.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Alex

Seconded by Becca



    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    President (5)


        UCI/UC enrollment goals from UCOP

        Now UCI = 29,000 total, 5,000 grad; want to grow to 40,000 in seven years; 1500 students every year (315 PhD, 140 masters); 250 new faculty over next seven years; everyone working to figure out how this will happen


        GRC and workers comp issue

        grad student survey = internships for prof. dev.

        lack of workers comp for internships; covered partly by UC, partly by work?


        Smartphone app

            undergrads, grads, staff, faculty resources


        New council members get t-shirts!


b.    VP Internal (3)



c.    VP External (3)


        Campus-wide mandate and system-wide mandate for enrollment closely linked

        $25 million to UC to expand enrollment


        Masters programs

            big push to develop fully self-sufficient masters programs

            concern that masters student issues wont get addressed w/ this new push


        Next meeting will be presenting resolution to endorse student advisor position on the regents board

            symbolic gesture and to put extra representation

            student regent serves 2-year term, has voting power

            2 current reps: student regent and student regent designant


d.    VP Social (3)


            everything went well


        Explore HB this saturday

            tickets on sale on fb page

            8pm launch party (PV lounge), 9pm bus leaves, returns 11pm, 12am, 1:20


        PHD 2 Movie

            Fri 11/20

            movie starts at 7:30, food starts at 5:30, doors open at 6:30

            in pacific ballroom


        Sky High trampoline night

            “cosmic night with lights and music

            bus leaves at 7:45 from PV lounge



e.    VP Finance (3)

        $300 to American Assoc of University Women

            promote professionalization for women


        $1500 to PhD movie screening



            decides how $250,000 of student fees are spent

            looking for someone to sit on the committee for the quarter along w/ Ye and Chance

            meet every friday at 8:30am




    V.       Staff Updates (5)


                        working w/ Becky on health and health insurance survey

                        will go to all UCI students

                        open call for questions to be put on survey - email Michelle



                        AGS partnering for Pitch Competition, Monday at 6pm

                        Submit pitches and come watch!



                        Nov 23rd AGS Thanksgiving

                        turkey and chicken carving station

                        games, prizes, movies, music



    VI.        Resolution 15-13 to approve new Council members (5)

Moved to approve by Evangeline

Seconded by Alex

Resolution passes 26-0-0



    VII.     Discussion about SFAC Representation (5)

                discussed earlier

                there is a small stipend for being on the committee equivalent to your student fees

                attend 7/10 meetings



    VIII.    Bill 15-13 to ratify special project funds (3)

                Moved to ratify by Coral

                Seconded by Alex

                Bill passes 27-1-0


    IX.      Bill 15-14 to approve special project funds (5)


                Moved to approve by Ye

Seconded by Ellen

Bill passes 28-0-0



     X.     New Business (5)



    XI.     Zots!

Shantell for getting money for PhD movie

Mikaela, Olivia, Becca, John, Will, Ye, Tim for helping with Halloween weekend


     IX. Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Zahra

Second by Evangeline


Meeting adjourned at 6:39 by AGS President Tim Ma