Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

- Joint Council Meeting with ASUCI


I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:07 by Alvin Phan, ASUCI Council Speaker


II. ASUCI Announcements


III. AGS Announcements

-       Student Regent visiting this Thursday, let Tim or Parshan know if you want to attend. Applications also open to be Student Regent if youre interested.

-       Symposium announcement and call for abstracts coming out this week

-       3 min. graduate video competition is opening up, please participate.

-       One World Concert this month, help needed!

-       AGS Career Conference in one month

-       AGS VP


IV. Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Tej, ASUCI

Seconded by Siddarth, ASUCI

Motion passes


V. Presentation from Dan Dooros, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

The Hill five-year trend is that sales are down and expenses are up, store is not living up to its potential. Will test the market by issuing an RFP to see how vendors would operate our store. Outside vendors will be allowed to respond to RFP with possible proposals. This is current just an exploration; no decisions beyond this exploration have been made. We will present more on this at a later date.


VI. Referendum Discussion on Mental Health Dr. Parham, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Reality facing campus is that we are out of space. We are also struggling to provide timely and quality mental health to students in need. We have no space to place newly hired psychiatrists and psychologists to serve students. Student Affairs is interested in a building to house mental health, guidance, etc. services. Referendum would be a student fee to fund a new five story building dedicated to necessary student services (about $63 million dollars). $57 fee/quarter would set in upon building completion, likely in 2018-19.



VII. Presentation from Stacey Murren, Director of Student Center & Event Services and Dan Dooros, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Student Center Phase IV of Student Center build has completed, but amount of monies originally set aside for operation will run short starting 2018. Student fees are set to drop from $147 to $89 that year, which will cause shortages. Student Center is suggesting keeping the fee intact to make sure services can be provided. Costs have risen, such as housekeeping, more student groups, student wages, etc.


VIII. Presentation on SAGE

AGS had a previous discussion on a fee proposal from UCSA, more on that topic from ASUCI students that are hesitant on that proposal:

Proposal leaves students vulnerable to defunding by UCOP, other groups. There is also a lack of accountability to students not paying UCSA fees. Proposal has incomplete language, proposal is being approved without full wording, and SAGE proposal working group actions have not been transparent. There is no clear plan from UCSA if the referendum does not pass and there are discrepancies in the possible fee being proposed.


Motion to extend time for five minutes by Becky

Seconded by Will

Motion passes


IX. Joint Resolution on SAGE: AGS Resolution 15-17

This resolution cannot be voted upon by AGS because AGS Council does not have quorum.


X. Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Evangeline

Second by Richard


Meeting adjourned at 6:55 by AGS President Tim Ma