Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I.              Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:40 by AGS President Tim Ma


II.            Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Coral

Seconded by Connor


III.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Evangeline

Seconded by Will


    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    President (5)

        i. Graduate bill of rights will be brought back to the table with Admin

        ii. Career Conference was awesome, more presenters than last year


b.    VP Internal (3)

        i. Survey deadline is this Friday; please encourage your departments to take it. Need to up the sample.

        ii. Termite treatment in Verano, lots of problems with notification, assistance, and liability. We don’t have a lot of power to force anything, but we’re meeting with directors to hopefully make it more positive.


c.    VP External (3)

        i. Student Lobby Conference coming up in Sacramento, if you’d like to attend or present a workshop please let Tim or Sifat know.

        ii. UCSA has been rating the mental health of UC campuses based on services and access. UCI got a C+, which was middle of the pack: B+ to F+ for all nine campuses


d.    VP Social (3)

        i. Canceled Explore Costa Mesa because of low interest. Facebook has not been working as well as usual

        ii. Ice skating event this Saturday the 27th, please pass out flyers

        iii. Verano event and they need volunteers, please see the flyer

        iv. Next quarter events will be Angels baseball game,



e.    VP Finance (3)

        i. Spring project funds are open, please encourage your friends to apply


f.      VP Admin (3)

        i. No major updates


    V.      Resolution 16-07 to Approve Wellness, Health, and Counseling Career Building Referendum (15)

1.    $57/student per quarter for construction of building, with increase in fee in 2020 for inflation. Will also free up future space in Student Center that AGS can help decide use for.

2.    If AGS doesn’t support, we don’t think graduates pay but also won’t be able to use it.

3.    Concern that Administration is vague about carrying/processing debt

4.    Somewhat unprecedented that students are asked to pay for it, related to CA state no longer funding UC buildings

5.    Donor process: could help offset size of fee if one is found


Motion to extend time by 7 minutes by Becca

Seconded by Connor


6.    Concern about what message this sends as precedent for students paying for buildings, affordability implications for students. Concern that this makes students choose between affordability of education and mental health.


Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Richard

Seconded by Will


7.    Concern that this would essentially be a permanent fee increase for students

8.    Concern that this would not be an inclusive mental health center, could hold out for better plan

9.    An eventual “no vote” would also set an important precedent, and AGS can campaign and give out information if this reaches the ballot.


Motion to pass the resolution

Motion fails 14-15-0





    VI.     Resolution 16-08 to Approve Student Center Referendum (15)


1.    $47.50/student per quarter continued for upkeep of Student Center. Center going forward will keep budget live on website for greater transparency.

2.    Concern that this problem arose because of issues calculating the debt and no results of investigation of what happened have been given. Audit has happened according to Tim, but results have not been released.

3.    Concern that Student Center isn’t using budget efficiently and could do more without this increase. Seems like a reoccurring issue of covering mistakes with student fees. If we allow vote, need assurances that this won’t happen again.

4.    Student Center is incredibly supportive of AGS and students, not paying the fee would not allow them to be as supportive of students.


Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Evangeline

Seconded by Will


5.    Concern that if we don’t allow for this additional budget funding, Student Center will eventually be lost


Motion to pass the resolution

Motion fails 7.5-12.5-3


    VII.      Resolution 16-09 to Approve Food Pantry Initiative (15)

1.    $3/student for mobile food pantry upkeep (for grads and undergrads)

2.    Cosmetic change: Should add Fall 2016 into the ballot / or make sure this is this right version we use

3.    Seems like a small fee for large service.

4.    Concern about 33% return to fee, but it is within standard range

5.    Concern about the benefits, need, since we don’t really know how many people will use it. Not sure about regulations and how much aid can be offered once it is established.

6.    Concern that this is students paying for a service that should be part of University financial aid


Motion to pass the resolution

Motion passes 25.5-0-.5



    VIII.   Resolution 16-10 to Approve Project Funds (5)

1.    Spicmacay event

Motion to pass the resolution

Motion passes 25.5-0-0


    IX.      Resolution 16-11 to Ratify Project Funds (5)

2.     Nowaruz event

Motion to pass the resolution

Motion passes 25.5-0-0


     X.     New Business (5)

                a. None

b. Zots!

 - PD Committee : Rahmadi, Andrew, Ye, John & Tim, Michelle, Becky, Ryan Shaf, Shantell, Sarah for volunteering

 - Ellen for PD Conference


     XI. Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Becca

Second by John


Meeting adjourned at 7:14 by AGS President Tim Ma