Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I.              Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:45 by AGS President Tim Ma


II.            Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Will

Seconded by Becky


III.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Becky

Seconded by Michelle


    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    President (5)

        i. Working with Admin about some issues; Hoping for a UCOP staffer to help students with advisor changes

        ii. +1500 students next year at UC Irvine


b.    VP Internal (3)

        i. 750 people took recent survey, rewards sent out

        ii. Still meeting with people about termite treatment and some recent parking issues


c.    VP External (3)

        i. UCSA board meeting at UCLA – passes resolution for automatic voter registration; new ED at UCSA

        ii. SLC Lobbying Conference coming up, paid for by External Committee

        iii. Tony from UCSA – SLC will have research policy component, looking for people to come present policy research. Also hoping to continue growing UCSA policy journal, please submit ideas or work on website (deadline = April 29). Topics include grad funding, food security, affordable housing, campus climate, student-advisor relations. Also please fill out survey that was emailed to you for UCSA, they have good return rate but more data would be great.


d.    VP Social (3)

        i. Big events coming up – Temecula and Angels game. Will be up to sign up soon

        ii. Other events next quarter will be on campus


e.    VP Finance (3)

        i. Deadlines: Project funds 4/3, Travel grants 4/8


f.      VP Admin (3)

        i. Schedule next quarter – April 5th and every two weeks after that


V. Staff Updates –

Ye: Symposium deadline is coming up, next Friday. Please tell your departments/schools

Michelle: Voting on 3 insurance providers next week, not much cost difference. But some providers might come with a loss of student advocacy.


VI. Resolution 16-12

Administration has sent responses to our concerns and updated referendum language. Deadline for sunset clause has been added. There is also new information about precedence of students paying for buildings.

Question about whether the discussion in Town Hall answered questions about Student Center and new Wellness Center working together instead of separate services: Not specifically, but some reasons for why they are separate were given. And more capacity for long-term services would be added, as well as more people being able to get services on campus rather than in nearby cities.

Question about whether there was any discussion about offering a few options for students to vote on instead, maybe some that are more affordable: Not at this time, but costs are based on UC Davis.

Also to be remembered

Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Becky

Objections to the motion


Motion to pass the resolution by Becky, seconded by MIkaela

Motion passes 17-0.5-5.5


VII.      Resolution 16-13 to Approve Referendum for the Wellness, Health, and Counseling Career Building Referendum to Ballot (15)


Will moves to consider with amendment that words in strike out get removed.

Seconded by Becky


1.    Big change: Amount of money that campus is providing amended from 14 million to 24 million.

2.     Question about other fees that go toward services like these. There are others, so this isn’t unprecedented.

3.    Concern that there is not a complete sunset clause, but ultimately this could be overridden by the Chancellor any way so maybe it’s not a big concern.

4.    Still some opposition to students funding capital projects.

5.    Support for this is just to go to ballot,


Motion to pass the resolution by Will

Seconded by Michelle

Motion passes 20.5-4-1


VIII.  Resolution 16-14 to Open Consideration to Approve Student Center Referendum (5)

1.    Issues with accountability raised by AGS Council, but there are answers to some of these in newly provided documents. Audit is now concluded, mostly caused by CPI non-inclusion and not accounting for student group growth

2.    Previous concern that we were paying for previous mismanagement and errors, but in the Town Hall they helped explain that financial predictions just fell short (see above).

3.    We asked for newly detailed ramifications for students, by students, that will help students make an informed choice


Motion to pass the resolution by Connor

Seconded by Michelle

Motion fails 24.5-0-0


IX.     Resolution 16-08 to Approve Student Center Referendum (15)

1.    Other tenants not paying rent currently: LGBT, ZotZone, etc. that would be affected by costs, which we will likely pay for these services through other means

2.    Concern that all of this is still because of poor estimates, and that referendum is dishonest in saying that the money is for these things. It is still actually to remedy poor predictions. Should that be better stated in the ballot language?

3.    Is there a way to include continued audits? This was discussed at the Town Hall and has been pushing for transparency. There is now someone on staff that can continue to audit, so it is a new development for the Student Center to review their budget every year.

4.    Problem had been discovered a few years ago but multiple referendums have never come about.

5.    Idea put forth that with such diverse opinions, might be best to let students vote for themselves.

6.    New data about undergrad vs. grad usage: grads actually use the space more but the usages are different.

Motion to pass the resolution by Becky, seconded by Michelle

Motion fails 22-2-1


Will AGS be endorsing either side? We are free to, you can put forth that legislation and we’ll vote on it.


X.            Resolution 16-15 Candidate Bylaws Revision (5)

1.    Do we need to let people write over 350 words? Maybe it’s a non-issue because if people write too much then that’s your decision.

2.    Will free Aaron of need to actually count words when he’s posting them.

3.    Still possible to recommend them a word limit

Motion to pass the resolution by Evangeline, seconded by Michelle

Motion passes 22-0-3.5


XI.           Resolution 16-16 Scheduling the 2016 AGS Elections (5)

1.    Motion to amend to read April 11–15

Moved by Will, seconded by Becky

Motion passes


Motion to pass the resolution by Evangeline, seconded by Michelle

Motion passes 22.5-0-1


    XII,     New Business (5)

                a. Tell your friends about Symposium! There is a facebook post on the AGS website you can share

b. Zots!

 - none


     XI. Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Evangeline

Second by John


Meeting adjourned at 6:55 by AGS President Tim Ma