Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I.              Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:45 by AGS Vice President Internal Becky Grady


II.            Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Michelle

Seconded by Connor


III.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Michelle

Seconded by Shantell


    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    President (5)

        i. Student Center referendum passed, food pantry only passed for undergrads. So as of right now, grads won’t be able to use it but some funding might come through later

        ii. Student Advisor to Board of Regents role was approved, the position is currently being filled.


b.    VP Internal (3)

        i. Mandatory reporting meeting, pushing for at least anonymous reporting


c.    VP External (3)

        i. UCSA meeting, budget is out and is available through email to Sifat if you’d like to see it.


d.    VP Social (3)

        i. Cinco De Mayo Party at PV Lounge or Red Barn

        ii. Karaoke Night on May 23, getting free pub bucks to first students for last Karaoke night of the year


e.    VP Finance (3)

        i. Done administering travel grants for the year and we are collecting pictures from the year. $3K left to give out for project funding.


f.      VP Admin (3)

        i. Last two Council meetings in May, one or both will be joint Council meetings with next year’s AGS Council.

        ii. AGS Service Awards given out on Monday, full list is on the AGS website.


V. Staff Updates –

Olivia - One World Concert is coming up, please attend or help! Turnip the Beet event, we need volunteers to hang out and give out water bottles on Tuesday

Ye – Symposium was great, almost 100 presenters and 40 judges (20 from outside UCI). Hopefully this event is building in momentum to be stronger each year.


VI. Election Results

Results are ratified, winners will be notified soon. Joint AGS Council meetings at end of the year.


VII.      Resolution 16-23 to Reform Disciplinary Procedures on Campus (10)

Assaults and incidents have occurred throughout UC system but authors ar especially concerned about situations at UC Irvine. The authors feel that oversight mechanisms for reporting assaults are not appropriate. They think an external group should come in, assess ways in which we can do better, and set up oversight committee to make sure they take place.

Examples of misconduct: asked to not report, victim blaming, asking victims of sexual history, etc. Wide ranging issues and there isn’t a central place for reporting or oversight.

Concern: Without public notice of these problems, and because a new policy was just created, could timing be problematic?

The authors feel that the new policy still feels short, and even without breaking confidentiality UC Irvine should be worried about something like this.

Concern: Are there admin or faculty that can also push this? With just support from AGS, there is worry that it wouldn’t go far.

The authors do have faculty/staff that can help push, but no timeline has been set up with them. No investigatory agency has been decided upon, but the authors expect that some negotiations would take place on which group.

Concern: Third paragraph is general, might be better with that paragraph more substantiated.

Concern: Have we talked to the Title 9 office yet?

Yes, at this point it seems that the authors can’t remedy it through that channel.


Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Chance

Seconded by Connor


Possible suggestions to amend the legislation to read, starting with a new third paragraph:

“Whereas there have been a recent number of miscarriages of justice throughout the UC system;


Whereas several members of the graduate community have come to representatives of the AGS Council with incidents of victim blaming, failure to follow legal procedures established under the Civil Rights Act, needlessly protracted investigatory periods, and attempts to hide incidences from the public that are happening at UC Irvine;”


Motion to extend time by 1 minutes by Becky

Seconded by Michelle


Concern: that wording should be fine-tuned and brought back next meeting. 


Move to take this to committee to fine-tune the language, add more detail about incidents by Alec

Second by Michelle

Motion is passed 18.5-6-1.5


Connor will set up document to capture the language, and we’ll bring this back.

Group that will help: Becky, Chance, Ye, Martin, Aaron, Will, Mikaela, Ryan



VIII.  Resolutions 16-18, 16-19, 16-21, & 16-22 to Ratify Funding Committee Allocations (5)

Four funding requests under $1K: History Department, Global Sustainability food event, Pro-abortion policy information, LGBTQ performance


Motion to pass the resolution by Ye

Seconded by John

Motion passes 24-0-1


IX.     Resolution 16-20 to Approve Funding Committee Allocation for One World Concert (5)

In the future we should allocate this money internally, we should have done that this year. In that case, this should be taken care of so we dont have to do this again next year.


Motion to pass the resolution by John

Seconded by Evangeline

Motion passes 23-0-2


X.         Birth Control Access Petition (5)

Nicole, guest speaker: New law about birth control access without primary physician prescription. The Student Health Center is not required by law to do so, and is not planning on doing so. This is concerning because no other pharmacies in Orange County are doing so, except for maybe Albertsons (pending). UC Irvine is not doing so because of liability and “maintaining relationship with patients.” But pelvic exam is also required every year, even though guidelines have changed to only every other three years. We feel these are invasive and medically unnecessary exams. Text is online and emailed out to Council, the link will be sent out to Council.


Motion for AGS to sign the petition as an entity by Chance

Seconded by Connor


Discussion on the motion:

Concern about whether we should sign or take this to a separate resolution, or whether this was something. Time is a concern, the meeting where petition is presented is May 11. Will aid the discussion if we have AGS support. Or do both?


Move to extend time for 5 minutes by Becky

Seconded by Connor


Move to extend by 30 seconds by Becky

Seconded by Ryan


Object to the motion by Ye

Motion withdrawn by Ye


Move to extend time by 5 minutes to read petition by Becky

Objection to the motion by Chance, seconded by Connor


Motion for AGS to sign the petition as an entity passes 16-3-4.5


Should we add sentence to signing of this petition?

Motion to add a sentence by Chance

Second by Jake

Sentence will read, “The Council of the Associated Graduate Students voted to endorse this petition.”

Motion passes 18-2-2



XI.         New Business (5)

                a. Zots!

 - Volunteers at Symposium, extra zots to Committee, Ye for running Symposium, Mikaela and Michelle for running social committee while Shantell was gone


XI.        Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Becky

Second by Ryan