Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Tuesday, May 17, 2016



I.              Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:41 by AGS President Tim Ma


II.            Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Will

Seconded by Connor


III.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Ye

Seconded by Aaron


    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    President (5)

        i. Grad Division Initiative on program improvement

        ii. 5 year PhD funding guarantee – avg. GPAs did not change with new requirement, but now there are stricter guidelines on admission and leaving programs after 1st/2nd year

        iii. 30 more PhD students next year than last year (only 5%) is short of 10-12% goal

        iv. Napolitano meeting – Document for baseline graduate student standard of living


b.    VP Internal (2)

        i. Talking with Dean Leslie about GSR pay rates, they can vary widely by school/department/year. Maybe at least base pay for TAs through Union.

        ii. Grad Student Bill of Rights for UCI, still working on ours that will be modeled after other schools with similar docs

        iii. Finishing survey data analysis, report will be completed over the Summer


c.    VP External (2)

        i. UCSA work of late – automatic voter registration initiative through university enrollment


d.    VP Social (2)

        i. Cinco De Mayo event went well

        ii. Last events: Karaoke Night this Saturday! 10 pub bucks to first 50 grad students; Spring Fling on June 4th in Student Center (Hawaii luau theme, tix are available); AGS free breakfast will be on Tuesday morning of Finals week


e.    VP Finance (2)

        i.  Year is wrapped up!


f.      VP Admin (2)

        i. New Council Members – please sign in!

        ii. AGS Council seats open in Arts, Humanities, ICS, Engineering, Social Ecology, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences


V. Staff Updates –

Olivia – One World Concert – we need more artists to perform if you know any. Also come, bring your friends, eat some food!

Michelle – sticking with same insurance through UCSHIP, locked in for next 3 years. Premiums slightly up (11-15% or about $500), which is common. If you want to know more about details, ask Michelle.


VI.  Resolution 16-23 to Reform Disciplinary Procedures on Campus (10)

Authors added further details about some of the incidents to the legislation. Still kept same spirit of concern about UCI’s handling of these incidents and call for action to be more transparent and empathetic.


-       Word from UCI undergrads on progress on this? No.

-       Any meetings with Admin? Attempts with various Provosts.


Motion to fix typos by Alec

Seconded by Connor

Motion approved.


Move to approve this resolution by Will

Seconded by Connor

Motion passed 24.5-0-0                


VII. AGS President’s Report on the Year (20)

Year of lots of stuff by AGS! Ask Tim if you want to see the slideshow.


VIII.       New Business (5)

                a. Birth control petition meeting, Law students was successful and informative and they felt listened to. Memo to AGS coming, looks like it went positively.

b. Zots!

- Mikaela, Will, Ye on Resolution re-wording committee

- Aaron for clean up and Cinco De Mayo party


XI.        Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Becky

Second by Ryan


Meeting adjourned at 6:35 by AGS President Tim Ma