Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Tuesday, September, 6, 2016



I.              Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:32 by AGS President Michelle Chan


II.            Approve Agenda (1) 

Removed agenda item number VIII to approve social committee planer since Bianca is not interested in the position anymore.


Motion to approve the agenda by Connor

Seconded by Aaron.

No objections, motion passes.


III.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Connor.

Seconded by Shantell.

No objections, motion passes


    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    President (5)

        i. Michelle and Ryan are on the Pub RFP board. They are working with the board to figure out the changes that might occur at the pub as the current contract holders term comes to an end. They intend to keep the council members updated as the situation develops. Council members are welcome to send out suggestions via email to either Michelle and Ryan. Town hall to discuss desires for the Pub will be held on October 6th, details will be sent out via email.

        ii. Welcoming new council members. In the past only a few people helped most of the events. So we seek suggestions to increase volunteers. Suggestions and ideas to increase recruitment of council members can be sent to either Michelle or Ryan. Arts, Engineering, Health Academics are some of the departments that do not have full representation.

b. VP admin report – (Michelle takes over for Ryan)

        i. Requesting submissions of interest to sit in different committees before the deadline (13th Sept, 2016).

c. VP social report –

        i. Similar to the last academic year, welcome week events are lined up and include a Hike at the Crystal Cove state park, Barbeque and game night (instead of ice cream social to provide increased opportunities for the attendees to engage and communicate), Graduate student Olympics, Bagel day on first day of school, Beach day. Flyers for recruitment and events to be posted in different areas throughout campus.

d. VP external – Presentation – Expansion of UC Davis Guardian Professions Program (GPP) – Initially intended to help former foster youth in becoming a teacher or other profession. Expanded to youth that want to pursue graduate school. The program accrued $60K funding in the current year, and $450K funding by Stuart corporation, although a state program, but not available to all UC campuses as of now due to low staff. 20-25 students are helped each year on an average. So far nearly 70 students received support through this program. The students receive support and services such as funding for travel, support for tests such as GRE, counselling and coaching for graduate school placements, career assistance, fellowship applications support and mentoring. Most students are benefitting from this program. However, it requires expansion and increased staff members. The program also needs a mentor at each campus. 80% to 85% of completed applications are accepted. Overall, the students accrued $1.5 million worth of funding in the form of fellowships and scholarships in the past two years. Additional services of the program include websites that give information about GPP and a website that helps the students getting prepared for grad school. So far the program received $840K funding through grants and project funds. However, the funding seems to be stagnant at this moment. VP External is seeking suggestions from council members that have an experience working with similar organizations with regards to improvements in expansion and implementation of the program.


V.  VP Elections (20)

·      Open floor for nominations for VP Internal –

o   Will nominated Connor Strobel; Alireza Kazem self-nomination.

·      Connor Strobel is elected as VP Internal (15-1-0)


·      Open floor for nominations for VP Finance –

o   Mikaela nominated Will; Milad nominated Aaron – Aaron declined nomination.

·       Will is elected as VP Finance (14-0-2)


VI. Resolution 16-27 to approve the 2016-2017 Budget (10 minutes)

o   Changes made – 309,000 dollars – after speaking to finance officer, pub did not make as much money as predicted. So the budget is now changed to 300,000.

o   motion to approve resolution by Connor; Mikaela seconds; motion passes with unanimous consent. (16-0-0)


VII. Resolution 16-28 to approve new AGS council members (5 minutes)

·      Motion to approve the resolution by Connor; Shafee seconds;

o   Resolution passes with unanimous consent. (16-0-0)

·      You will receive an interest form shortly


IX. Resolution 16-30 to approve the appointment of AGS Staff: Campus

Communications Director (5 minutes)

            Connor moves; motion passes unanimously (16-0-0)

            Shafee is elected as CCD

X. Resolution 16-31 to approve the appointment of AGS Staff: International

Committee Chair (5 minutes)

Connor moves; motion passes unanimously (16-0-0)

            Olivia is elected as ICC


XI. New business

·      None


XII. Zots !

·      Shantell and other socail committe members for fliers and helping with transition of new grad students.

·      Banner for recruiting volunteers from school of engineering.

·      Everyone that attended the meeting today



Move to adjourn the meeting by Michelle

Second by Aaron.

Meeting adjourned at 6:26 by AGS President Michelle Chan