Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Tuesday, October, 4, 2016



I.              Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:36 by AGS President Michelle Chan

Quorum established with 21 members and 6 proxies (24 total)


II.            Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to add 5 minutes for VP Internal update by Will, seconded by Shaf. No objections, motion passes.

Motion to approve the agenda by Connor

Seconded by Shaf

No objections, motion passes.


III.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Connor

Seconded by Shaf

No objections, motion passes


    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    Presidents report (5)

        i. Pub Town Hall 4-5pm on October 13th, come voice your feedback or email Michelle

        ii. Committees assigned, please let Michelle or Ryan know if your placements don’t work

            iii. Ryan will make Google doc of all placements


b. VP Internal report

        i. First meeting projects discussed: Collaborating with undergrads around professional development, food insecurity

        ii. Anyone is welcome to join, contact Connor


c. VP Admin report – (Michelle takes over for Ryan)

        i. Placements for your AGS committees and UCI committees sent out. You should be hearing from your committee chairs shortly, but reach out to me with any questions or issues with attendance for your committees.

        ii. Town hall to discuss desires for the Pub will be held on October 13th, details will be sent out via email.


d. VP Social report (5)

        i. New faces on the committee, new events for Fall! Karaoke Night, Halloween Party, Watersports Day, Painting Day, Thanksgiving Potluck. Check Facebook or website for schedule, please pass out flyers in your department.

ii. Social Committee needs your help! Meetings every other Wednesday if you can join, contact Shantell


e. VP External report (5)    

i. Expansion of UC Guardian, feedback presented to

ii. UCSA agenda for the year is decided, available on their website

iii. Working with ASUCI for Students of Color Conference, we might have 15 spots for facilitators for workshops and caucuses.

iv. Working with ASUCI on campaign events and voter registration, help if you’re interested

f. VP Finance report (5)      

i. Finance Committee will be first meeting this month

ii. Dates up for travel grants and project funds, and will be announced in Grad Weekly

    a. Travel Grants for fall conferences – tell your constituents to apply!

    b. Project funds for events benefitting all grad students


g. Staff reports (10)

i. Chief of Staff – Council Retreat is on Friday October 20th, doodle pool coming for those that can make it. Every month we’ll do Coffee with Council to help recruit new Council members. First one will be October 18th 2-5pm

ii. Rahmadi & Ankita, Symposium Chairs: AGS Symposium Interest Meeting – Tomorrow at 530pm in AGS office

iii. Olivia (International Committee) – Thanksgiving event coming up! Also interested in new ideas from International students, contact Olivia with any leads

iv. Becky (External) – Campaign 2016 events if we can, let Becky know if you have certain candidates or issues you’d like covered. Also working on a

v. Shafee (Communications) - At Social events, working on moving communications through Council Members to help publicize AGS events



V.  Resolution 16-32 to approve the appointment of New AGS Council Members

(5 minutes)

o   Motion to approve resolution by Chance; Shaf seconds; Motion passes (25-0-0)


VI. Resolution 16-33 to approve the appointment of AGS Chief of Staff (5 minutes)

o   Motion to approve resolution by Connor; Becky seconds; Motion passes (25-0-2)


VII. Resolution 16-34 to approve the appointment of AGS Campus Organizing

Director (5 minutes)

-       Aaron is hoping to use this position to start a Student Health Advisory Committee, focused on issues surrounding student health (not just insurance).

-       Question for Aaron, how will he do this? Connor: Using relationships from SHIAC, other connections to advocate and get this going           

o   Motion to approve resolution by Olivia; Shaf seconds; Motion passes (27.5-0-0)


IX. New business

·      Chance - Wells Fargo fraud issues runs through our Student Health Insurance ; I don’t feel good using student monies to support this. In favor of a resolution to reduce their involvement.

o   Q: Richard – are we covered in the state pullouts ? A: Chance – No, our money not controlled by state monies that are part of this.

o   Q: Becky – what are the issues with the waiver ? A: Chance – Editing waiver process is a pain and causing extra loan take-outs.

o   Q: Connor – Interested in taking up issue with Wells Fargo ATMs on campus? A: Chance – No, that’s a separate issue, not sure if we should take up in connection.  

o   Thought is to first connect with Student Health Insurance services and then go from there.

o   Michelle : There is room for an executive position on SHIAC if anyone is interested, does involve some travel.

·      Becky – There is likely going to be another vote on Mental Health Services building referendum this year. Administration is pushing for another version this year.


XII. Zots !

-       Welcome Week volunteers (Valerie x 3, Michelle x 4, Mikaela x 3, Rahmadi x 1, Ryan x 2, Becky, Shafee x 2, Connor, Milad)

-       Shantell for running WW events

-       Daniel for stepping up on the Building Committee so fast

-       Connor for submitting his meeting sign-in sheet without Will asking


Move to adjourn the meeting by Will

Second by Becky

Meeting adjourned at 6:22 by AGS President Michelle Chan