Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Tuesday, November 1, 2016



I.              Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:39 by AGS President Michelle Chan

Quorum established with 27 members and 11 proxies (32.5 total, 19.5 needed)


II.            Approve Agenda (1) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Connor

Seconded by Daniel

No objections, motion passes.


III.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Connor

Seconded by Daniel

No objections, motion passes


    IV.      Executive Reports:

a.    Presidents report (3)

        i. PDST (program tuition increases) proposals – Given to AGS President for feedback. Need help with feedback on these: Public Health, Nursing, Doctor of Medicine, Engineering Management, MS in BioEngineering Mgmt., Master of Urban or Regional Planning, and more. See Michelle if you can help.

        ii. Counseling Center – looking for speakers for Survivors of Suicide event


b. VP Internal report (2)

        i. Survey going out to Council about how your departments manage social life, please fill it out

        ii. Resolutions 16-37 & 16-38 tonight are from Internal


c. VP External report (5)

        i. Local candidates forum coming up this Thursday, please pass out flyers

        ii. Students of Color Conference, still looking for delegates, workshop facilitators. Please contact Valerie if you want to attend, participate.

        Webpage and applications up on site


d. VP Finance report (2)

        i. Fall round of Travel Grants completed and notified

ii. One group applied from Merage School of Business for project funds but they were not funded for any dollars because the amount was very high and the students served was too low.


e. VP Social report (2)        

i. Halloween event was great; although some AGS committee members were spoken too harshly at the event. If you hear of any problems with the events, please have them contact Shantell or Michell because committee members should not be blamed.

ii. Game night on Nov 10 in PV Lounge; Water Sports Day on November 19


f. VP Admin report (2)         

i. Only two meetings left for this quarter, please notify me if you’d like to get any items on the agenda

ii. Thanks for attendance and proxies!


g. Staff reports (5)

i. COS (Mikaela) – Coffee with Council in two weeks. Also t-shirts coming!

ii. International Chair (Olivia) – Thanksgiving event soon (11/22)! Come it will be fun.

iii. Symposium (Rahmadi) – Cleaning up Symposium website, meeting this Thursday if you’d like to attend.



V.  Resolution 16-36 to approve the appointment of New AGS Council Members

(5 minutes)

o   Motion to approve resolution by Connor; Aaron seconds; No objections -motion passes


VI. Resolution 16-37 to endorse the use of safe spaces (15 minutes)

VP Internal Connor: “Safe Spaces” mischaracterized within these public pieces by University of Chicago and Janet Napolitano. “Trigger Warnings” have been similarly mischaracterized.

The University of Chicago letter is specifically mentioned because it was a very public example.

The intention of these resolutions is to be a thoughtful first step toward discussing or taking action on these matters later. They are a necessary first step before any more public endorsement or entrance to public dialogue. 

As far as disseminating this should it pass, it will be published on the AGS website and can be forwarded on to any public entities, university administration, etc.

The resolutions would bind AGS to endorsing “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” as they are defined in the resolutions. These resolutions refer to the general principles at hand, but are not referring to any individual policies or case.

Concern over defining the terms and then endorsing them, rather than just defining them. Since endorsements included could be vague, they may leave AGS open to endorsing situations that they don’t intend to.

Would a plain English statement given out alongside these resolutions? The way they are written could leave the issue open to misinterpretation.

Concern that these resolutions don’t consider the university policies already in place; the resolutions are intended to be a reminder of this stance that should be protected under current University policies.

Should this be a larger campus discussion? It seems like there is a lot of energy here, and could make for a great way to bring together students, administrators, etc. This is possible, if we’d like to host town halls, events on campus.

Concern that these create a university setting that doesn’t mirror “the real world.” Follow-up that these create supportive environments for students in need, and the university is a setting where progress can be made to model for “the real world.”


Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Aaron, seconded by Daniel, no objections. Motion passes.


Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Chance, seconded by Josiah, no objections. Motion passes.


Concern that “safe spaces” are places where hate speak can also be born. Is that supported within these resolutions.

Comment that these resolutions serve as a voice of support for places that already exist on campus, and that would be important for AGS to voice.

These resolutions support the idea that we don’t agree with the “tyranny of the majority” concept in which those with most power can shape freedoms.


Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Mikaela, seconded by Anirduh. Multiple objections. Brought to vote. Motion does not pass (7-17.5-1.5)


Motion to table vote by Olivia, seconded by Aaron. Brought to vote. Motion does not pass (9-19-1.5)


o   Motion to approve resolution by Richard; Connor seconds; Motion passes (26-2.5-2)


VII. Resolution 16-38 to endorse the use of trigger warnings (15 minutes)

o   Motion to approve resolution by Richard; Daniel seconds; Motion passes (24.5-2-3)


IX. New business

Kate – Student Center Board is adopting new bylaws, please contact me if you’d like to read over them. They also have the MOU for the e-sports center since a member of the Board sits on that Board.


X. Zots !

            Aaron and Mikaela for fun retreat!


            Michelle for helping Valerie, and for Van

            Chance Meigan Mikaela Alireza

Aaron x 2 Josiah Mikaela Richard for Social


XI. Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Connor

Second by Aaron

Meeting adjourned at 6:14 by AGS President Michelle Chan