Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Tuesday, February 14, 2017



I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:39 by AGS President Michelle Chan

Quorum established with 18 members and 11 proxies (23.5 total, 20 needed)



II. Approve Agenda (1 minute) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Connor

Seconded by Aaron

No objections, motion passes.



III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Connor

Seconded by Aaron

No objections, motion passes.



IV. Executive Reports:

a.    Presidents report (3)

        i. Women’s Caucus was a success, guest speakers and well attended. Call to action was for UC pharmacies to distribute birth control to full extent of law


b. VP Internal report (2)


c. VP External report (2)

        i. Grad reps currently lobbying about affordable housing, and External Committee will be developing fact sheets and lobby guides

        ii. Still time to apply for Student Lobby Conference

        iii. Thank you to Michelle Chan for creating and organizing so many events lately


d. VP Finance report (2)

        i. Project funds committee to fund a literary journal, will be discussed


e. VP Social report (2)       

i. Winter Wonderland was great! Sender One climbing event is coming up. Also have flyers for family trip to Bowers Museum, please distribute.


f. VP Admin report (2)        

i. Please let me know if your availability for Academic Senate committee representation has changed, I can assign someone else to fill in.


g. Staff reports (4)

i. International – Know Your Rights workshop about current administration issues, February 28th. We’ll send out details once we know more.

ii. Symposium – Registration is now open, and we’ll be publicizing around campus.



V. Bill 17-03 to Fund Faultline: A Journal of Arts and Literature (5 minutes)

- AGS has funded them for over 10 years, and their other regular funding is drying up. Might be follow-up legislation about asking others to support them on campus.

·       Motion to approve resolution by Connor; Olivia seconds; Motion passes by unanimous consent (23.5-0-0)



VI.  Student Wellness, Health, Counseling, and Career Building discussion (15 minutes)

-       Please DO NOT distribute these drafts, they are not for public information yet. These documents are only for Council’s eyes as we are negotiating partners in this discussion.

-       Memo of understanding was drafted as an agreement between administration and students. It’s meant to incorporate the student voice, but as Chance points out, there is nothing legally binding about this. Eventually the Admin could disregard the student perspectives here.

-       Reason this has to be approved beforehand is that funding has to be guaranteed for building to occur. Can’t just wait to 2020 and see if donors happen.

-       Good to consider bonds as a form of “donor” too, which could help offset our cost.

-       20% student voter turnout is grads and undergrads combined, but any combination of this percentage works.

-       Worry that this is just bypassing state and UC obligation to find funding for services that students need. Still large concern from many members that students should be responsible for paying something that the University should have planned for.

-       Another disconnect is that student population is growing, but why isn’t money from increased tuition that can help cover this? From committee, the idea is that this is in a way the necessary tuition increase on top of increased funds.



VII. New system for meeting attendance and proxies (5 minutes)



VIII. New business (5)

 - Kate: “Before I die” wall has been built, hoping to do it next week. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Kate to help. From Student Center Advisory Board, my perspective is that a lot of concerns from Council are affirmed by members in that group too.


X. Zots! (1)

Ryan, Alireza, Mikaela, Will, Valerie, Connor, Aaron, Becky for helping out during Women’s Caucus event


XI. Adjourn

Move to adjourn the meeting by Connor

Second by Aaron

Meeting adjourned at 6:17 by AGS President Michelle Chan