Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017



I. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 5:39 by AGS President Michelle Chan

Quorum is established with 21 members and 11 proxies (26.5 total, 20 needed)



II. Approve Agenda with amendment to remove item 5 (1 minute) 

Motion to approve the agenda by Connor

Seconded by Mikaela

No objections, motion passes.



III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1)

Motion to approve the minutes from previous meeting by Connor

Seconded by Becky

No objections, motion passes.



IV. Executive Reports:

a.    Presidents report (3)

        i. Lobbying in Sacramento for money for deferred maintenance and UC-wide undergrads. Positive responses from most legislators. More to come at Student Lobby Conference


b. VP Internal report (2)

        i. Resolution 17-02 at this meeting, thanks to Chance for helping

        ii. Will be helping with UC Regent’s search


c. VP External report (2)

        i. No major updates, finalizing details for SLC


d. VP Finance report (2)

        i. Project funding request this year

        ii. Opening on SFAC committee, please let Will know if you’re interested


e. VP Social report (2)       

i. St. Paddy’s event this Friday at the Pub


f. VP Admin report (2)        

i. AGS service awards still open this month


g. Staff reports (4)

i. Symposium – Deadline extended to March 24th, please help spread the word or submit your work. Also need volunteers and moderators

ii. International – Holi event this week, come and enjoy! And please share out the event





V. Resolution 17-05: To Approve Referendum for the Wellness, Health, Counseling, and Career Building to Ballot (30 minutes)


If it goes on the ballot, 20% of total student population needs to vote and 60% of those votes need to be for approval in order to pass.


Multiple Council Members express concern that allowing this to come to vote downplays our role as protecting the students, because it passes along this fee to the next step. Also concern that 20% of the student total could include 0 graduate students. Additional concern that MOU is not enforceable and we should hold out for a mediated discussion before we present something to the students.


Point from Daniel, concern that building advisory committee is not a student majority.


Does administration have plans to advertise/campaign for this referendum if it passes? Rules in place on what can happen, but students have the chance to access funds for yes/no campaigns.


Concern that student proportion of funding total building is over 50%, which is hard to agree with. Also that it implies a stamp of approval by AGS. And that this sends a message to state legislature that this can be a precedent for future buildings.


Voiced opinion that this is just to approve the “ballot language,” which plainly means that. Not an endorsement or a moral choice on our end.  


More concern on MOU language and the ability of administration to not take student opinions once it’s passed.


Request for a roll call vote by Richard.


Comment that committee work demonstrates commitment to language in MOU, and that reasonable student input is what we can expect and what we’ve been afforded.


Worry that previous Student Center fee is an example of potential mismanagement with this building in the future, especially if they see that we’re continually willing to pass fee increases.


Worry that although similar legislation was passed last year, it was originally struck down and then voted upon at the next meeting on quick notice.


What happens if we vote it down? If voted down by AGS it will not appear on the ballot this year. But Admin has the opportunity to bring it back again next year, with inflation increase.


Worry that there has not been enough done to ensure that this was an equitable process and worthy of binding multiple generations of students after us.


Increases in pricing this year may not have been inflation, might be due to green initiatives recently passed. Future year increases should be just inflation unless otherwise noted.


Concern over whether AGS should separately approve MOU before this resolution anyways.


Objection to the motion being considered by Chance because of improper procedure - because MOU is not approved separately. Ruling by AGS President Michelle Chan to override. Objection is appealed by Chance, so the Council votes.

Vote is in favor of the appeal (13.5 – 5 – 8.5), so resolution cannot be considered.


Move to table discussion and vote until re-written Resolution is presented to Council by Richard

Seconded by Rohit

Objection by Becky


Discussion: Unsure why we have not brought things up in the past, and language has already passed through SFAC, etc.

Answer: Not beholden to other bodies, not a concern if others have passed this.

Approving this motion is basically voting no, as there is likely not another time to have this vote before it is required.


Motion fails 9-13.5-3


Motion to reconsider vote on the appeal from earlier in the meeting by Becky

Seconded by Olivia

Objections present.

Discussion: needs to be two votes because they do two different things, procedure is incorrect and not our fault that it is running down to the wire.


Motion passes 12-9-2


Second vote on the chair’s ruling on the objection to the motion being considered because of improper procedure


Call to question to end debate by Connor

Motion passes 21-2-0


Vote is in favor of procedural inaccuracy appeal being correct

Appeal fails (10 – 13.5 – 1.5)

Motion to approve this legislation by Olivia

Second by Chance




Voted yes (present):

Ryan Lewis

Mikaela Smith

Kate Forrest

Becky Grady

Valerie Acevedo


Voted yes (by proxy):

Van Wifvat

Blake Lane


Voted no (present):

Connor Strobel

Will Devanny

Stephanie Pulles

Clare Gordon

Chance Pardon

Alireza Kazem

Shafee Mohammed

Rohit Zambre

Shreya Chippagirri

Richard Prince

Sarah Nainar

Rahmadi Trimananda

Lianna Fung


Voted no (by proxy):

Nikki Deville

Josiah Sweeting

Daniel Le

Meigan Thompson

Laleh Beni

Alec Fullmer



Voted abstain (present):



Voted abstain (by proxy):

Bianca Cung

Ken Hayama

Motion fails (6-17-1)



VI.  Resolution 17-02: A Resolution to Urge the Continued Use of a Preponderance of Evidence Standard (10 minutes)


Motion to skip 17-02 on agenda by Richard

Seconded by Rahmadi

Motion passes 13 – 9.5 - 1



VII. Bill 17-06: To Fund Society of Iranian Graduate Students' Nowrooz Celebration (5 minutes)


Motion to pass this legislation by Connor

Seconded by Ryan

Motion passes 25-0-0



VIII. Council Comment for Pub Request for Proposals (5 minutes)



IV. Council Comment on Bills for Student Lobby Conference (5 minutes)

Becky needs testimonials on housing security, food security, support for undocumented students, and research assistant worker protections that can be used in lobbying because these personal stories are much more effective. Please contact Becky if you or your constituents can provide any.



X. New business (5)

-       Richard: Science policy group is partnering with Brews N’ Brains for talks, and they are being ticketed online. Event is called “Inspiring Collaboration… “on March 21.


XI. Zots! (1)

All attending by Chance for the active discussing during the meeting

Chance Kate Will Mikaela Connor Michelle Ryan Valerie Rahmadi Richard Becky for still being at meeting by Richard

Shantell and Social Group for Karaoke Night by Richard

Laleh for postering for Symposium


X. Adjourn