Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I.  Call to order
Meeting called to order at 5:47pm by Michelle Chan

            Quorum is established with 18 members, 6 proxies (21 total, 20 needed)


    II.     Approve Agenda (1 minute)
Motion to approve agenda by Connor

            Seconded by Richard

            No objections, motion passes


    III.    Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)
Motion to approve agenda by Connor

            Seconded by Richard

            No objections, motion passes


    IV.    Executive Report:
a. President (3minutes)

  Wellness building committee of students forming to help get donor

  5 AGS, 5 ASUCI representatives

  current reps include Michelle, Connor, Becky, Aaron

  looking for one additional rep from AGS

  Chance suggests writing a formal document to make our needs clear

  Debate as to whether graduate students actually want the building, who should pay for it

            b. VPInternal (2minutes)

  Resolution later today

  Will be working on donor committee document

  New Narrative coming up next Tuesday - please come and hand out flyers

            c. VP External (2 minutes)


  15 people (good turnout!)

  lots of positive responses

  2 bills passed (SB-201, SB-54)

            d. VPFinance (2minutes)

  Travel grants coming up

  Travel grant request meeting coming up

            e. VPSocial (2minutes)

  Social events coming out on Monday

  2 karaoke nights


  wine tour

  spring fling

  Mexico vs. Croatia soccer game?

            f. VP Admin (2 minutes)

  elections are next week        

  Nominations for AGS service awards ongoing

            g. Staff (4minutes)


  One World Concert later this quarter


  Symposium coming up 4/21

  please volunteer


  SLC went well

  UCSA voting about federal bills soon


    V.     Resolution 17-02: A Resolution to Urge the Continued Use of a Preponderance of Evidence Standard (10 minutes)

  Use of this would be consistent with how these things are handled outside of UCI

  Motion to amend “AGS expresses no opinion or preference” to “At this time, AGS is not expressing an opinion or preference” by Becky

  no objections; motion to amend passes

  Motion to approve by Richard, seconded by Connor

  Motion passes 21.5-0-0


    VI.    UCSA discussion (5 minutes)

  Time extended to 15 minutes

  What is UCSA? External VPs meet once/month to discuss resolutions, advocacy, etc.

  Board meeting this weekend

  Approved annual budget (temporarily)

  Need to run through AGS first, so will vote on it next meeting

  Funds go to conferences, campus organizing, staff

  Budget will be sent around so members should look at it, ask any questions before/at next meeting

  Should we stay as a part of UCSA?

  Question of grad student representation (campaigns, etc. tend to be undergrad focused, sometimes more undergrad voting power especially in committees)

  Possibility of reforming UCSA into bicameral body (grads and undergrads), or grads leaving UCSA to form their own grad body


    VII.   Elections (5 minutes)

  Next week is elections

  Talk to Ryan with questions


    VIII.  Policy Symposium - June 2017 (5 minutes)

  If you are interested in helping out, reach out to Richard or Michelle

    IX.    Student Fees Discussion - upcoming meeting with President Napolitano (5 minutes)

  Meet once/week, two hours on friday

  State-wide version of SFAC going to Napoletano to discuss tuition increase, ability to raise fees without student consent

  If you are interested in learning more/getting involved, talk to Michelle


    X.     New business (5 minutes)

  Student Center hosted “Before I die” wall last Wed-Fri

  Went really well, lots of participation

  Question of Student Center email about petition to put Wellness referendum on ballot

  Problematic issues of flyer brought to attention of staff, but this was denied by student affairs

  Perhaps should have formal resolution as response to the petition campaign

  Richard will spearhead this if anyone else is interested, speak with him

  Issue of staff being involved in campaigning, urgency language of email, lack of transparency of student gov involvement, lack of transparency of student fees paying for it


    XI.    Zots (10 minutes)

  Time reduced to 1 minute

  Richard: Michelle and Becky for SLC

  Richard: Bella, Connor, Rahmadi for petition response

  Connor: Chance for today’s resolution

  Daniel: Richard for initiating petition response

Time Allotted: 74 minutes


Meeting adjourned at 6:37 by AGS President Michelle Chan