Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Student Center Emerald Bay DE

I. Call to order

  • Time: 22 present, 17 proxies (30 votes, 22.5 required for quorum)

  • Quorum: 5:48 pm

II. Approve Agenda (1 minute)

  • Motion to move zots after Reports by Kasra, Seconded by Connor

  • Passes unanimously

  • Motion to approve agenda by Misbah, seconded by Kate

III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

  • Discussion: write out abbreviations

  • Motion to write out abbreviations for by Kate, seconded by Nory

  • Minutes will be approved next meeting

IV. Executive and Committee Reports:

a. President Division (3 minutes)

  • Michelle yields time to Ryan--PAB (Pub Advisor Board) Director

    • Pub transitioning to new owners

    • Pub is working on more formal feedback system

    • You can currently reach out to PAB or Ryan directly

    • Trivia is back

  • Michelle--President

    • Student Affairs offers meals swipes and meal cards for emergency meals and work with student  

    • Focus groups on what causes you stress in grad school. These groups will be interdepartmental and interdisciplinary. Time TBD but will be around council meeting times

b. Internal Division (20 minutes)

  • Connor--VP Internal

    • General purposes to focus on:

      • Make sure we can disseminate information to students about resources

      • Multiple surveys in order to do more in-depth questions and get at causes and issues on campus. (Previous years we sent out one large survey to graduate students to ask questions about grad life)

    • Housing

      • Working on discussions about what we can do to address housing shortages, affordable housing needs

      • Fall and winter 2017-housing never notified students that housing shortage was likely to occur

      • Spring 2017- about 30% increase in housing acceptance. While all guarantees met, students beyond N-1 could not have housing renewal

      • Current problems: lack of capital-debt ratio, semi-autonomous, bonding access; nothing currently under construction for graduate students; only some terminal degrees have housing guarantee; Convertible space in use due to middle earth expansion

      • Next to New Verano: new housing planned for 2019-2020

        • Not going to be enough to meet graduate guaranteed needs

      • North Campus--Very preliminary discussions about housing

      • Currently running models to determine what they can guarantee

      • Options: Campus village conversion (doesn’t have parking), subsidies (where is the money coming from), opt-in room split, lower enrollment for class of 2018

      • Motion to extend time by 2 minutes by Connor, Seconded by Kasra

      • Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Kasra, seconded by Connor

    • Discussion:

      • admin response to proposed lower enrollment? Need to reach out to people on the academic side to see feasibility

      • How is capital raised? Take funding from housing(rent)--put into categories--capital for investment, O&M, etc.

      • How are universities handling this? UCI has one of the best guarantees. Most commit to 3, 3+ years

      • Grants from HUD to support students from minority communities? Not certain

      • Motion to extend time by 2 minutes by Connor, seconded by Eduardo

      • We need to come up with cooperative strategy that we can push as a group

      • Next steps: Director of Housing should be hired next couple weeks

c. Administrative Division (2 minutes)

  • Kate--VP Admin

    • Symposium planning continues. Working with AntMedia

  • Hamed-Campus Communications Director

    • Set up slack on phone!

    • Twitter account is being updated

    • Please connect graduate students to like FB page

d. External Division (2 minutes)

  • Becky-External VP

  • UCGPC-moving forward with charter, etc. Will give updates as it goes along

  • UCSA- had meeting at UCI

    • Resolution on the tax bill passed

    • Student of Color Conference coming up

  • Regents meeting coming up. Will be discussed:

    • Title IX protections

    • Tax Bill

      • Ways to support, potential solutions for how to treat tuition

  • Katia--Legislative Director

    • Looking for people interested in climate action plans and environmental justice: focus on

  • Michelle relinquishes chair to Connor

e. Financial Division (2 minutes)

  • Martin Finance VP

    • 2017 AGS travel grant lottery: overall, process went well (minor issues)

    • Will place list of awardees on website (increase transparency)

f.  Social Division (2 minutes)

  • No updates

V. Zots

  • Becky x 2, Martin, zots to all who came to AGS Halloween party, Bianca Caballos, Tom, and Bernice Diaz,  Connor x 2, Kate

VI. 17-35 A Resolution to Oppose Aspects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (15 minutes)

  • New tax plan has aspects that could negatively impact graduate students: taxes on tuition, remove tax credit for employers who support employees to go to school

  • Move to amend 10% bracket statement by Becky, seconded by Connor

  • Move to add citation and change citation numbers by Becky, seconded by Connor

  • Move to add “elimination of the state and local…” by Connor, seconded by Raji

  • Discussion: removal or reduction of tuition instead? We are in discussions with UC office of the president, what is the timeline of this bill? Tentatively this month or by end of year

  • Motion to extend time by 10 minutes by Connor, seconded by Kasra

  • Discussion continued: third paragraph is taken from UC system’s mission statement, how does this affect international students? Still working out details

  • Goes to vote: 30.5-0-1 (Yea, Nay, Abs)

VII. 17-36 Transparency Surrounding Resolutions not “Considered” by AGS (15 minutes)

  • Discussion: do we need to highlight individuals’ objections? No (it’s already in minutes),

  • Motion to revise resolutions to be “Let it therefore be resolved…” by Eduardo, seconded by Connor

  • Motion to amend start of 2013 school year by Nick, seconded by Kate

    • 10-13.5-4.5

  • Motion to amend second let it therefore be resolved... 24-0-4.5 Passes

  • Motion to extend time by 3 minutes by Nick, seconded by Terra

  • Move to amend first let it be resolved, and remove after along… vote: 24.5-0-4 Amendment added

  • Motion to table by Nory, seconded by Kasra

  • Objection by Eduardo

  • Vote to table: 26-0-1.5

VIII. New Business (5 minutes)

  • Motion to adjourn by Connor, Seconded by Becky

  • Adjourned at 7:34 pm

Maximum time allotted: 120 minutes