Tuesday, October 03, 2017


Time: 5:30-7:30 pm

Student Center Emerald Bay DE

I. Call to order

  • 5:43 pm

  • 31.5 quorum. [27 present, 9 proxies (18 required)]

II. Approve Agenda (1 minute)

  • Becky, second Kasra

III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

  • Van, second Jared

IV. Executive and Committee Reports:

a. President Division (3 minutes)

  • Assistant chief of police search

    • Just started, will update as it progresses

  • Executive Director for Student Housing search

    • Open forum Oct 6 2:30-3 pm, Oct 9 12 noon -12:30 pm, Oct 10 11:30 am-12 noon

  • Now receiving the professional development fees and proposals to review

    • Open for AGS council members to provide comments

b. Internal Division (2 minutes)

  • Election code updates being drafted, seeking input from ASUCI, council, and constituents

  • Additions being made to the bylaws: eg. general code of conduct

c. Administrative Division (2 minutes)

  • Academic senate meetings start this week

  • Coordinating with ASUCI for Bren Events, the ARC, and the Hill

d. External Division (2 minutes)

  • Graduate Professional Coalition

    • voted to leave UCSA

    • Coordinating with UCSA, UCOP, other schools to establish new organization

e. Financial Division (2 minutes)

  • Travel grants deadline: Oct. 20th

    • 19 applicants

    • Reached out about whether new format of stipends will affect grants

f.  Social Division (2 minutes)

  • VP Social elections next week

  • Welcome week was a success

  • Welcome Week Party--no major issues, reduced cost, very successful

V. 17-22 Appointment of AGS Staff: AGS Council Parliamentarian (5 minutes)

  • Seeks to appoint Connor Strobel as Parliamentarian

  • Amendment by Becky, change second to last paragraph:“ Council meeting procedures” to”parliamentary rules and procedures in Council meetings”, seconded by Connor

  • Passed unanimously

  • Discussion: due to confusion during discussion of legislation

    • If Connor is not here, can appoint substitute

    • Move to End Debate Alex Stern, second Kasra

    • Passes unanimously

VI. 17-23 To Approve New AGS Council Members (5 minutes)

  • Discussion: Why do you want to join AGS?

  • Becky Grady yields her time to pending members

  • Yenda is interested in professional development and wants to explore UCI beyond the education school

  • Hamed is interested due to the large impact AGS has on UCI

  • Passes unanimously

  • New quorum: 33.5 (29 present, 9 proxies)

VII. 17-24 Co-VPs of Social Affairs (5 minutes)

  • Would like to split VPs to two Co-VPs since the people running are new to AGS

  • This would remove social committee event planner from budget and change stipend to $700

  • Discussion: Co-VPs can run together, concerned that in future year there may be a challenge

  • Alex Stern yields the floor to Shantell

  • Discussion: How would runners-up work: no decision

  • Motion to extend time by 5 min -Kate, Seconded by Becky

  • Motion to change the first let it therefore be resolved  to “two but no more than two” by Becky, Seconded by Connor

  • Motion on amendment: 26.5-0-1 passes

  • Motion passes: 29-0.5-2

VIII. 17-25 Appointment of AGS Staff: Social Committee Event Planner for Welcome Week 2017 (5 minutes)

  • Purpose: Pay Shantell for her services for Welcome Week Party

  • Passes unanimously

IX. 17-26 Membership in System-Wide Advocacy Associations (15 minutes)

  • By Connor, second Jared. Motion to amend the first let it further be resolved: after UCGPC, “upon successful passed by AGS of their finalized budget”

  • Discussion: conditional on final UCGPC budget

  • Amendment passed unanimously

  • Becky, second Jared. Change the “let it therefore be resolved” paragraph to give VP External discretion to pick the date of withdrawal within the month of Oct 2017

  • Passes unanimously

X. New Business (5 minutes)

  • Library fees for marked books

    • Kasra motion to extend time by 2 minutes, seconded by Becky

    • Recommendation: talk to librarians to post sign at check-out and send email

XI. Zots (1 minute)

  • Zot for Shantell, Zots for welcome week volunteers

  • Yield the floor to Shantell: Zot per event

Council Meeting Concluded: 6:50 pm

XII. Committee Meetings (30 minutes)

Maximum time allotted: 120 minutes