Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 5:30-7:30 pm

Student Center Emerald Bay DE

  1. Call to order

    1. Meeting Time Start: 5:39 pm

    2. Quorum Count: 23 present, 5 proxies. 25.5 total (21 required)

  2. Approve Agenda (1 minute)

    1. Motion to amend the agenda. Remove V. “5:45pm Introduce Kara Correa, Senior Director of Development, Principal Gifts (15 minutes)” and update numbering to reflect change. Kate, Seconded by Richard

    2. Motion to approve by Richard, Seconded by Jared.

  3. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

    1. Motion to approve by Jared, Seconded by Grady.

  4. Executive and Committee Reports (10 minutes)

    1. President

      1. Just ended housing director interviews. If you have more feedback, please let Michelle know. AGS will be making a recommendation based on the forum.

    2. VP Internal

      1. Bylaws are on agenda tonight

      2. 9-page election code will be voted on next council meeting. Draft is available for interested people. It will also be discussed

    3. VP External

      1. Graduate Profession Coalition is currently writing constitution, by-laws

      2. Legislation for student loans

      3. Trying to form UC-wide advisory board

    4. VP Finance

      1. Spreading word about travel grant. 36 people have applied.

      2. Travel grant deadline is Oct. 20th, 2017.

    5. VP Admin

      1. Symposium is tentatively scheduled for April 20th

      2. We will be planning a PD Career Conference. Input from each school would be greatly appreciated.

      3. We now have representatives for every school at UCI

      4. PDST feedback is being gathered.

    6. Legislative Directors

      1. SB201- has passed state congress.

        1. Governor to sign the legislation by Oct. 15

        2. UC faculty has signed onto bill--coalition of faculty

        3. Please provide feedback and talk to constituents

      2. Senator Harris is on campus tomorrow

        1. 10:30 am at the student center terrace

  5. VP Social Affairs Election (60 minutes)

    1. Declared candidates: Deanna Hutton (1), Amy Shine (4), Mariella and Philipp (2), Jerry Tao (3)

    2. Nominated candidates: None others

    3. Statements and Q&A sessions

      1. First candidate/team

        1. Motion to extend time by 1 minute by Becky, seconded by Richard. Unanimously passed.

        2. Discussion

      2. Second candidate/team

        1. Motion to extend time by 1 minute by Kasra, seconded by Alyssa. No objections.

        2. Motion to extend time by 1 minute by Kate, seconded by Jared. No objections.

        3. Motion to extend time by 1 minute by Shane, seconded by Van. No objections.

        4. Motion to extend time by 1 minute by Kasra, seconded by Kate. No objections.

        5. Motion to extend time by 2 minutes  by Kate, objection by Becky.

          1. Amend to 30 seconds. No objections.

        6. Discussion

      3. Third candidate/team

        1. Motion to extend time by 2 minutes by Kate, seconded by Kasra.

        2. Closed door discussion

      4. Fourth candidate

        1. Motion to extend time by 5 minute by Connor, seconded by Kasra.

        2. Closed door discussion

      5. Call to Question: Nory, second by Kate 27.5-1-1 Go to Voting passes.

      6. Quorum count: 28 people

      7. Suspend rules to do a hand vote by Richard. Seconded by Connor. No objections.

      8. Amy Shine appointed as VP Social.

  6. 17-27 To Approve New AGS Council Members (5 minutes)

    1. Motion by Kate, Second by Richard.

    2. Unanimously passed.

  7. 17-28 Bill to Amend AGS Bylaws (15 minutes)

    1. Motion to amend “decision” to “advisement” for last “Let it further be resolved…”

    2. Motion to Adjourn by Richard, seconded by Grady.  22-yes, motion passes

Meeting ended at 7:31 pm. Remaining agenda items moved to next council meeting: October 24, 2017