Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Student Center Emerald Bay DE

I. Call to order

  • 5:40 pm meeting started.

  • Quorum count: 12 present, 9 proxies --16.5 quorum not met (22.5 required)

  • 5:47 pm second quorum count: 16 present, 16 proxies total vote: 24 (quorum met)

II. Approve Agenda (1 minute)

  • Motion to move zots to after executive reports by Kate, seconded by Nory

  • Approve the agenda motion by Nory, seconded by Steven

III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

  • Motion to approve by Nory, Seconded by Brian

IV. Executive and Committee Reports:

a. President Division (3 minutes)

  • Working with grad division to reduce student stress and make grad school easier

    • Continuing to do focus groups

    • Some insights: most grads are not paid until months after move-in dates, unless they are a GSR, TA, making it

    • Last date: next week Wednesday

b. Internal Division (2 minutes)

  • Working on housing affordability and security--time sensitive

  • We have legislation today--if we are unable to vote on the second one, we will have a web resolution

c. Administrative Division (2 minutes)

  • Working with Martin on ideas for SFAC application

  • Looking for applications for symposium co-chair--please email if interested. Interviews are scheduled for December 4-8th.

d. External Division (2 minutes)

  • UC Graduate Professional Coalition---the charter is now adopted

    • Filing as a non-profit

    • Dec 2-3 is their meeting--open to all UC grad students

  • Board of regents meeting in November

    • Discussed the tax plan

    • Discussed how to change tuition as a way to avoid tax burden

  • Tax Bill Lobbying

    • Using analyses and testimonials to lobby congress

    • Walk out November 29th for those interested

    • The UC Office of the President and the Board of Regents are already on our side, so we will focus on our lobbying efforts

e. Financial Division (2 minutes)

  • Dec 15-travel grant for winter opens

  • Working on SFAC. If you have any ideas about what we could ask for, let us know

f.  Social Division (2 minutes)

  • Karaoke is back--Dec 2nd

  • Grand opening will be next quarter

  • Downtown Disney event

  • Ugly sweater party --Dec 8th (BYOB)

  • Working on media announcements


  • Kasra, Sarah Newsome, Shane, and Alex Stern for their work at the Halloween party

  • Richard for his work organizing lobbying efforts x2

  • Terra for her engagement in all topics x 2

  • Alyssa for her work in DC

V. AGS Grad Council representatives – Presentation on current issues (15 minutes)

  • Report from Dean Leslie on graduate enrollment

    • State of California has a mandate that we grow the undergrad population.

    • 12% Ph.D. to remain top tier research university (we are currently 9%)

    • Leads to an increase in federal funding/support → more resources for students

  • Discussion

  • Housing

    • Dean Leslie supports 3 year guarantee and then pass it on to departments

    • Dean Leslie says: not having guaranteed housing does not affect students’ decision making

      • Based on a 10 year study

      • Grad students once here at UCI value the guarantee

    • N-1 guideline is going to stay in place for this next year

    • Feasibility study for north campus ongoing but very preliminary

    • Different ideas of what is the value of the housing guarantee: a privilege versus a need

    • If we move housing issues to department--no plan for increase in staff required for expanding housing and departments have to send individual requests

    • Motion to extend time by 3 minutes by Kate, seconded by Shane

    • Motion to extend time by 2 minutes by Shane, seconded by Katia

    • Dean Leslie offered to come speak with us

VI. 17-36 Transparency Surrounding Resolutions not “Considered” by AGS (15 minutes)

  • Continued from last meeting

  • Discussion

    • This is a continued discussion from last council meeting November 7th.

    • How are we defining transparency?

      • Transparency is how we connect more with our constituents

      • Previous legislation was removed from website once objected to. Should we keep it on the web and put a disclaimer that it was objected to?

    • How accessible do we want resolution not “considered”? We want students to be able to access it, but should we add a UCI login so not everyone can access it?

    • How do other schools handle this situation? UCLA posts all meeting minutes.

    • The procedure that was used to object with was in line with Robert’s rule

    • 10.5-11-4 fails

VII. 17-37 A Resolution to Rescind the 18 Quarter TA Cap (15 minutes)

  • Asking for the cap to be removed

  • Resolution seconded by Steven

  • Discussion

    1. How did they decide on the 18 quarter cap?

      • UC wide policy, not sure of the full background

    2. Concern: Is there a way to protect students from forcing students to TA every quarter?

    3. What was rational for 18 quarter cap?

      • Potentially able to limit graduate school to a certain amount of years

    4. Concern: Some professors may opt to keep the same TA for more quarter, which may be to the detriment of other students who need the funding

    5. Vote: 22.5-0-1 Passes

VIII. 17-38 Solutions to the Graduate Housing Shortage (15 minutes)

  • Departments have already been given targets for incoming students, in preliminary discussions with departments, they seem okay with lower number of students to allow new professors time to adjust to UCI

  • Resolution seconded by Amy

  • Discussion

    • This would be a short term effort (1 year delay of growth) due to the high enrollment of this year

    • Most of the departments are already not meeting their targets, so it is unclear how this would have an impact

    • If admission was reduced for a year, it would allow for time for buildings to be built and for UCI to help students

    • Undergrad proportion of students increased this year, which makes Ph.D. to undergrad ratio more severe

  • Quorum count: 21.5, quorum not met.

  • Discussion: are there unaccounted proxies? Quorum recount.

  • Quorum count: 22, quorum not met.

IX. 17-39 Zero Tolerance for the Hecker’s Veto (15 minutes)

  • In response to the event that transpired last Thursday: 30 students disrupted New Narratives for about 20 minutes

  • Discussion

    • No one on the committee had ill feelings towards the protestors, but in the end it can be a learning experience and a way that marginalized voices can be heard. It can be constructive.

    • New narratives had a plan in place in the case of disruption, but it was not followed

    • Concerned that calling the police would not de-escalate

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.


***Remaining resolutions not voted on will be moved to either web resolution or postponed to next council meeting (December 5th).