Tuesday, December 05, 2017


Student Center Emerald bay DE

        I.            Call to order

·         Meeting started at 5:36

·         Quorum count: 21 present, 9 proxies -- 25.5 quorum met

      II.            Approve Agenda (1 minute)

·         Motion to approve by Connor moved; seconded by Alex

    III.            Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

·         Motion to approve by Shane; seconded by Connor

    IV.            Executive and Committee Reports:

·         President Division (10 minutes)

                                                               i.      Michelle brought Professional Conduct document to council’s attention

1.       Araceli asks for feedback

2.       Document being sent around; please respond

·         Internal Division (10 minutes)

                                                               i.      Members of exec council met with Dr. Parham

·         Administrative Division (10 minutes)

                                                               i.      Not in attendance

·         External Division (10 minutes)

                                                               i.      Team met with 10 offices & staff lobbying in DC on tax bill

                                                             ii.      Expect email on all-grad

                                                            iii.      Thanks to Amy and all who had part in Bagel Day

                                                           iv.      Discussion about what’s happening in DC

1.       Repubs receptive and general consensus is that House will accept Senate version

2.       Democrats not needed to pass bill

3.       Expect some version will end up on President’s desk

                                                             v.      Updates on UC Grad Prof. Council meeting

1.       Letter in support of Net Neutrality

2.       Affirmed rights of grad students to unionize

3.       Talked about planning a conference as a group

a.       Grad climate conference

·         Financial Division (5 minutes)

                                                               i.      Travel grants announced

1.       90 applicants

2.       Will upload details onto website

·         Social Division (10 minutes)

                                                               i.      Ugly Sweater Party is this weekend

1.       Friday

      V.            Zots (2 minutes)

·         Sara, Jared, Richard, Tara, Becky

    VI.            17-39 Zero Tolerance for the Heckler’s Veto (20 minutes)

·         Introduced by Nick

                                                               i.      Brought about by when 30 students disrupted event for 30 minutes verbally abusing Chancellor Parham

·         Motion for formatting change to header

·         Discussion

·         Motion to remove “Let it be resolved that AGS strongly…” clause

                                                               i.      Jared seconds

·         Motion to extend time by Jared, seconded by Nick

·         Motion to amend amendment by Becky, seconded by Jared

·         No objection; amendment to amendment passes

·         Objection to Amendment

·         Discussion

·         Vote: 22.5 - yes, 0 – no, 6.5 - abstain -- amendment passes

·         Call the question by Richard, second by Connor

·         Quorum count: 22 present, 15 proxies -- 29.5 quorum met

·         Vote on resolution: 1- yes, 20.5 – no, 8 - abstain – resolution fails

  VII.            17-40 A Resolution to Support Strong Net Neutrality Protections (20 minutes)

·         Grady introduced resolution

                                                               i.      Explanation of what net neutrality is

                                                             ii.      We should be involved because as researchers we give away our research to open access

1.       ISPs could privilege pay journals over open access (free) journals

2.       Will lose access to good research happening at smaller, less affluent institutions

3.       If the ISPs can choose who succeeds in

·         Motion for formatting correction to change dashes to commas by Connor, seconded by Jared

·         Discussion

·         Motion to add new “whereas clause” by Grady, seconded by Jared

                                                               i.      No objections, motion passes

·         Quorum count: 26.5

·         Vote on resolution: 26 - yes, 0 - no, 1 - abstain – resolution passes

VIII.            New Business (5 minutes)

·         Connor introduces that members of admin and their attitudes re. new tax waiver liabilities

                                                               i.      They’re open to possibilities

                                                             ii.      Anyone interested in taxes, this tax issue, associated issues, join internal committee this coming quarter to discuss with Connor and team

                                                            iii.      Look for email from him

                                                           iv.      Grady questions if admin is aware the International students have it the worst