Tuesday, January 16, 2018


January 16, 2018

Student Center Emerald Bay DE

I. Call to order

  • Meeting starts: 5:35 pm
  •  Quorum count: 22 present and 12  proxies,  28 total vote(22 votes required for quorum)


II. Approve agenda (1 minute)

  • Motion to amend the agenda: Move Res 18-04 to above Executive and Committee Reports by Richard, seconded by Becky. No Objections.
  • Motion to approve by Richard, seconded by Shane


III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

  • Motion by Nory, seconded by Shane

IV. 18-04 A Resolution to Oppose Aspects of the PROSTER Act (20 minutes)

  • Restructuring federal loans and getting rid of public service forgiveness act
  • Discussion:
  • Does this bill have department or degree specific considerations? Not specified but some degrees may be more likely to pursue a public service job

  • Large portion of the population--25%--are eligible for the public service loan forgiveness program, but people may not be aware that they are eligible. People opposed to this program argue they cannot afford to continue this

  • Currently, some people are being denied loan forgiveness--may be due to type of service, payment types, etc.

  • If you have already taken out an eligible loan, you should still be able to apply for the loan forgiveness

  • Vote: 28-0-0 passes

V. Executive and Committee Reports:

a. President Division (10 minutes)

  • Sent out an email asking for people to RSVP for Student Regents--will be meeting for 20 min with AGS. If you want to apply for regents position or advisor position, please come to discuss with them

  • In February, new Housing Director will be on-boarding. They will start Feb. 5th. They will be attending an AGS meeting and will be having an open forum.

b. Internal Division (10 minutes)

  • If there are more topics/services that students would like to know more about, we want to be able to share this information with council in order for them to share with their constituents

  • Elections code coming up

  • Housing updates coming soon

c. Administrative Division (10 minutes)

  • Because I Said I Would Events this week and next week hosted by the student center

  • Declared proxies will now be posted on the meeting minutes

d. External Division (10 minutes)

  • UCGCP May Advocacy Day --UC wide students lobbying on a variety of issues

  • Talking with EVP counterpart at UCLA--they are setting up lobbying for LGBT and Climate Lobbying Days. Also, volunteered to provide lobbying

  • Meeting with ASUCI to lobby with undergraduate counterparts

  • UCSA Students of Color Conference next week

  • Advocacy network has been set up by UCSA, we have helped develop it. It is on our fb page and an all-grad will go out

  • Richard

    • 4:30 pm on Thursday: Evidence-Based Policy Decision Making

    • Lobby Corps being established

e. Financial Division (10 minutes)

  • 40 pre-approved travel grant applications. Last day to apply January 19th. Winners will hear back January 25th.

  • With the approval of winners, would like to post who wins. (Transparency and advertisement)

f.  Social Division (10 minutes)

  • Karaoke event was fantastic!

  • We would love to have council members volunteer at the food bank-- meet at noon at the AGS offices. Next Saturday (Jan 20th) 12 pm-3:30 pm.

  • Winter Wonderland Dance Party--January 26th (Friday Night)

  • If you are willing to put in at least an hour next Thursday evening (Jan 25th) or Friday--free admission. Need 8 more people.

VI. Zots (2 minutes)

  • Zots to Richard for his advocacy, Alex Stern for drinks selection, Richard for Karaoke, Jared for karaoke, professional development committee for all their hard work, Connor for work on housing

  • Winners from last quarter: Kasra, Alex Stern, and Bernice

VII. Discussion on School of Social Sciences Statement of Professional Conduct (20 minutes)

  • Discussion


  • How different is this from current policy? Is this repeating or what is being added? Should it be included in the school-wide code of conduct versus individual contracts for each school
  • It should apply to everyone or school specific? Different schools have different foci and ethics considerations.
  • The wording is open-ended and vague. Also, allows for arbitrary decisions. When language is vague, often decisions are not made in graduate students’ favor
  • Does not clarify judicial standards and what would violate the standard(s)
  • What would be the mechanism for enforcing this?
  • From grad division: positive response so far. They would like each school within UCI to develop their own. Adding to ways to address issues with students
  • Does not say anything about student rights and penalties
  • Grad division usually not involved in conduct processes by trained professionals
  • This should be reframed to support students-rights and obligations. Eg. bill of rights.
  • How much input will grad students have on these codes of conduct? This is the first professional conduct form we have seen. We can bring this up with Dean Leslie and graduate council
  • There should be a complement version for faculty
  • Clarify whether departments have the power to take action or some other unbiased party?
  • Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Amy, seconded by Shane
  • Important to be held to a standard but the concern is that the code of conduct needs to be updated and need to raise the baseline for everyone
  • Graduate students want to give their input


VIII. 18-01 To Approve A New AGS Council Member (20 minutes)

  • Second Quorum count: present 21, 14 proxies, total vote: 28. Quorum met.
  • Vote: Unanimous

IX. 18-02 Amendment to Symposium Co-Chair Budget Provision (20 minutes)

  • Motion to change commas to semicolons by Connor, seconded by Kate. Passes unanimously.
  • 18-02 addresses the increase in professional development events while at the same time allows the VP Admin to prepare for her qualifying exam in April. The new stipend is taken from VP Admin stipend
  • Vote 24.5-0-4

X. 18-03 Appointment of AGS Staff: Professional Development Directors (20 minutes)

  • Vote: 26.5-0-2

XI. Ratify Resolution 17-38 Conducted as Web Resolution (20 minutes)

  • Motion to replace commas with semicolons by Connor, seconded by Kate. No objections
  • What is ratification? Verify the process was fair and in line with bylaws
  • Discussion: Is the online process effective? Should we change the ratification process to make it automatic/faster?
  • Vote: 23-1-4.5  

XII. New business (10 minutes)

  • Discussion: What should we do if council members need to travel extensively and want someone from the same department represent them during the time that they are gone?

    • Leave of absence policy could be drafted?

    • Extend to clarify what the roles and expectations are during summer months/breaks

    • Alternate members?

  • Discussion: Housing

    • Housing already has a plan for incoming students/students who have reached the end of their guaranteed time. We should perhaps establish a subcommittee to keep apprised of housing situation as it develops.

    • We should get the numbers of incoming students soon

    • We are looking at options for ACC to be subsidized

    • There is a huge disparity between income and rent 40-80% of income going to rent

    • We should address the issue now. It may be difficult later

    • Connor advocated for having letters sent out telling people when their guarantee is up-thank you!!

  • Working group for how to inform students about housing and their rights as well as efforts to help people transition (if needed) to other housing


    Meeting adjourned at   7:26 pm


Partial or Full Absence

Assigned Proxy

Shreya C.

Sara N.

Amanda A.

Raji N.

Tom K.

Raji N.

Araceli C.

Sara N.

Katia P.

Becky G.

Navied A.

Alec F./Sarah N.

Martin J.

Connor S.

Nikki D.

Kasra M.

Lovlean P.

Becky G.

Bianca C.

Grady Y.

Yenda P.

Kate F.

Nick G.

Grady Y.

Richard P.

Alyssa B.

Alec F.

Sarah N.

Steven N.

Connor S.

Mariella T.

Kasra M.