Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2017, 5:30-7:30pm
Student Center Newport Beach AB

I. Call to order

  1. Meeting called to order at 5:39 pm.

  2. Quorum count: 22 present, 14 proxies, 29 votes (22 votes required for quorum)

II. Approve Agenda (1 minute)

  1. Motion to approve the agenda by Richard, seconded by Shane. No objections.

  2. Alex motions to reconsider previous motion by Alex, seconded by Sara. No objections.

  3. Motion to approve council member before 18-06 by Alex, seconded by Shane.

  4. Motion to approve by Connor, seconded by Shane. No objections.

III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

  1. Motion to approve the previous meeting minutes by Nory, seconded by Shane. No objections.

IV. Executive and Committee Reports:

a. President Division (10 minutes)

  1. Gap in TA pay: for TAs that start in September, first pay may not come until November.

  2. Several students on council have experienced gap in pay. We will be documenting and providing this information to administration

  3. There have been problems with the consultation policy to meet with students, so they are going to work on a system wide policy.

    1. Last year, they gave us only 1 week to respond. This year, it was up to the department to send AGS an inquiry--very few did.

  4. Student Health Insurance Advisory Council (SHIAC) finally reached quorum and met. We are currently looking at charter provisions to allow for meeting earlier next year. We are looking at co-pays and deductables. We would love your input.

  5. Discussion: What about dependents? Much more expensive for dependents, almost unaffordable. UCOP is discussing changes. There will be a vote.

  6. Health insurance: Review and recommend plan changes for UCSHIP and fully-insured carrier bids by Feb 2, 2018. See current plans for ugrad and grad populations for reference at Student Health Center website

  7. USHIP:

  8. GSHIP:

  9. Director of Disabilities Services Center Candidate Open Forum
    Mon. Feb 5 and Tues. Feb 6 (2-3pm, Moss Cove B)

  10. Student Affairs Strategic Plan
    Comments due to by Feb 13.

  11. EPIC network introductory meeting (partnership with local cities)
    Thurs. Feb 15 (10:30-11am, Aldrich Hall 107)

  12. Extend time by 3 minutes by Shane, seconded by Amy

  13. Student Regent Visit: how to increase the role of students and the advisory board

  14. Regents usually don’t visit campuses, but we may be able to organize a more formal, friendly visit

  15. Motion to extend time by 10 minutes by Connor, seconded by Richard.

  16. Pub updates

    1. Aramark now running the pub

    2. Still figuring operations and communication

    3. Locked out of social media accounts

    4. They have been really responsive to feedback

    5. They have pub bucks set up

    6. They are still working on food menu and consistency/updated options

    7. They had a theft issue. If you ever see an issue, please report it.

    8. Ryan will be graduating soon. We will be needing a new pub advisory board (PAB) chair

b. Internal Division (10 minutes)

  1. Please directly or indirectly submit comments on student affairs. There are some stark absences in the proposal as is. There is a focus on undergrads, no mention of affordable housing, how funding will work

  2. Working on a survey and some pieces of legislation

  3. Housing decided to cancel monthly housing meeting to focus on financial accounting. We will continue to pursue updates and support students

c. Administrative Division (10 minutes)

  1. Open positions for AGS council:

    1. 1 rep for Business

    2. 1 rep for Medical Academics/Health Sciences

  2. Now including assigned proxies at the end of the meeting notes

  3. Professional Development

    1. Survey to be sent out this week with incentive. Very short--6 questions

  4. Co-chair announcements:

    1. All emails to judges have been sent

    2. We will open applications for Symposium this week

d. External Division (10 minutes)

  1. Students of Color Conference-4 people from UCI attended

  2. Council of Fees and UCGCP meetings

    1. Working on groups to work together--establish an MOU and working group

  3. Narrowed down date for Climate Conference: April 28th (tentative)

  4. May 13-14th grad advocacy day in Sacramento--grad version of

  5. What do we want our role to be for unionization? As a neutral body we want to ensure that accurate information is being disseminated to students. Looking to put together a packet over the coming year.

  6. Mothers of Color in Academia: gaps that people with children face in academia, such as child care and services

  7. Title IX advisory board has been formed- one undergrad and one grad from each campus. Their first meeting is next week. Something to bring up to them: TAs and required reporting policies

  8. Lobby Corps exists: sign up on website under advocacy--all-grad email coming soon. Please sign up if you would like to lobby

  9. Thursday: 9 am- Noon--DACA event: call your representative. Please sign up

  10. UCGCP--a few open positions. Descriptions were sent out in council meeting

e. Financial Division (10 minutes)

  1. Completed the travel grant for Winter Quarter

  2. $24,600 given out

  3. There was some confusion about the website. We’ll be updating it for spring quarter

  4. Conference travel is becoming a big issue for students: conferences are getting more expensive but department aid is constant

  5. Working on compiling data on conference expenses

  6. Working on expanding the types of conferences eligible to be funded while maintaining fairness

f.  Social Division (10 minutes)

  1. Winter Wonderland was this weekend.

  2. Photographs will be available

  3. We need to work on social media and posting on events

V. Zots (5 minutes)

  1. Pub bucks for last quarter’s winners are here!

  2. Zots: Kasra and Sara for Second Harvest, for winter wonderland: Misbah, Alex S., Kasra, Shane, for legislation proposed: Terra

VI. 18-07 To Approve A New AGS Council Member (15 minutes)

  1. Terra is planning on defending her dissertation this quarter. She is recommending Caitlin, who is excited to get more involved

  2. Motion by Richard, Seconded by Amy. Unanimously passes

  3. Quorum Count: 30

VII. 18-06 A Resolution on Support for Victims of Sexual Harassment and Assault (15 minutes)

  1. Sponsor Alyssa B. is absent. Nory has been designated co-sponsor and will present in Alyssa’s sted.

  2. Discussion: we should add practical actions we want to take? First, we want to have an initial statement. We can improve information dissemination to graduate students and explanations of how certain policies work

  3. Move to amend to add a clause: “will create a plan of action…” by Nory and seconded by Van. Objection.

  4. Vote: 28.5-0-1.5

  5. Consolidate links to be converted to pdf and included by Kate, seconded by Connor. No objections

  6. Move to amend: add “AGS will take steps to advertise…” by Becky, seconded by Kate. No objections.

  7. Move to amend in the last let it be resolved… “and calls on the University to ensure…” by Becky. Objection

  8. Discussion: we need to stipulate the kind of funding going towards services. We can make a general statement about funding and come back with a more concrete action plan

  9. Becky retracts her proposed amendment.

  10. Motion to amend last let it further be resolved: “...and calls on AGS and the University to..” by Becky

  11. Motion to extend time by Becky, seconded by Nory

  12. Motion to move to vote by Connor, seconded by Amy. No objections.

  13. Quorum count: 30

VIII. 18-08 Appointment of AGS Staff: External Conference Coordinator (15 minutes)

  1. Discussion: Climate Conference will need a coordinator focused on planning this climate conference. We are not planning to file for reimbursement

  2. Motion for vote by Connor, seconded by Shane no objections. Vote: unanimous (Two-thirds required) Passes

IX. 18-09 Appointment of AGS Staff: International Chair (15 minutes)

  1. We have not yet appointed a chair. His job will be to work on One World Concert, be a liason for international

  2. Motion to move to vote by Connor, seconded by Shane. No objections. Passes.

X. Discussion on 18-10 To Adopt an Elections Code (15 minutes)

  1. Working on this elections code with ASUCI, other campuses, and other UCI bodies and staff.

  2. 9 pages. Things to note: guidelines for appeals, write-in votes, complaints, inclusion of an elections packet

  3. On reflection of last year’s election: it was one of the most popular elections--historically high turn out, but there were issues in that we did

  4. Discussion: do we want to lower the maximum amount of money spent on campaigning? Do we want to set a maximum time for running for office? Do we want to clarify “enrolled student” for election purposes? Should we state when we should elect the commissioner? How are we organizing/paying for forums? What about specifications of what kind of campaign materials candidates can use?

XI. New Business (10 minutes)

  1. No new business

Meeting Adjourned at 7:31 pm

Partial or Full Absence

Assigned Proxy

Misbah H.

Connor S.

Nikki D.

Connor S.

Brian C.

Alex S.

Sam A.

Kate F.

Alec F.

Sarah N.

Yenda P.

Melissa D.

Bianca Cabellos


Navied A.

Sarah N.

Lovlean P.

Becky G.

Shreya C.

Sara N.

Alyssa B.

Nory K.

Nick G.

Grady Y.

Steven N.

Nory K.

Hamed G.

Kasra M.

Richard P.

Becky G.

Araceli C.

Sara N.