Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Student Center Newport Beach AB 

I. Call to order

  • Present: 23.5 votes (22.5 required for quorum)

II. Approve Agenda (1 minute)

  • Amend by Jared to move 18-11 to right after approve agenda, second by Kate, no objections
  • Motion to approve the agenda by Kate, no objections

III. 18-11 Appointment of AGS Staff: PAB Director (10 minutes)

  • Motion to vote by Shane, seconded by Martin
  • Vote: no objections, unanimous

IV. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

  • Alex, Shane no objections

V. Executive and Committee Reports:

a. President Division (5 minutes)

  • Feb 27th Dean Leslie and Housing Director will be coming to AGS to do a Townhall.

  • Open questions but Michelle will be collecting questions

  • They will also be sharing information

  • Code of Conduct

    • Asked Dean Leslie: physical sciences have done a collegiate code of conduct. They are supposedly in student lounges and bathrooms

      • Business has one. Business rep has not signed one and is not aware of one

      • We are requesting to be involved in the development of codes of conduct

  • Pay gap
    • Dean Leslie has been working on pay gap issues-whether it is campus-wide or systemwide
    • Working to get first payment in October

b. Internal Division (5 minutes)

  • Thank you for feedback on the election code

  • Developing a survey that will cover  

c. Administrative Division (5 minutes)

  • Symposium
    • FB event has been created. Please invite all grad students at UCI you know
    • Please announce to lab groups


  • Looking for judges: please ask staff, faculty, professional connections

d. External Division (5 minutes)

  • Katia-working on state level advocacy and climate advocacy

  • UCGCP-working on student representation, list of demands (communication structure), and has participated in a day long climate conference/protest
  • Richard-if you are interested in joining lobby corps, please let him know
  • Nory-Campus Climate Conference--going well. We should be firm on a date by tomorrow.
    • Looking for space for 150-200 people
    • Working on details, please clarify “climate’ refers to cultural climate, not physical climate
    • Soon we will be looking for speakers
    • Call for volunteers coming soon

e. Financial Division (5 minutes)

  • Collecting data on fall and winter quarter travel grant info--break down of which schools won, how many applicants of that school applied

f. Social Division (5 minutes)

  • Karaoke coming up, working on plans for Spring quarter

VI. Zots (2 minutes)

  • Nory--for his hard work for climate conference, Michelle-for her support, Jared and Connor-submitted comments to Student Affairs Strategic Plan

VII. Vice Chancellor Cortez and Associate Vice Chancellor Graciano presentation on state support for core needs (20 minutes)


  • Topic: Campus resources and increased tuition

    • Need for increased financial support, if not provided:
    • Change in frequency of course offerings
    • Number of TA led sections
    • Classroom technology updates
    • Mental health wait times
    • Academic advising wait times
    • Responsive student services
    • Repairing instructional space
  • What about the Governor’s proposed 3% increase from the state

    • Does not cover mandatory costs, such as:

      • Faculty and staff salary increases

      • Inflationary cost increases

  • Where would the financial support come from?

    • State buyout and/or tuition and fees

  • Questions/Discussion:

    • Just back/slightly over funding from state from before 2009-2011 state cuts

    • What impact on faculty turnover would cuts have? Don’t have specific figures, but there’s an increased cost in replacing faculty

    • There are gaps where the most needy students may be negatively impacted by tuition increases--may be in a gap in financial aid

    • What is the balance between maintenance versus growth

      • Deferred maintenance plan being developed  

      • We are moving from a new campus to one with

  • Motion to extend time by 10 minutes by Connor and seconded by Grady

    • What is the difference between the 3% proposed increase in state funding versus what we need to maintain/grow? Closer to 5% required. UC system pushing back, hoping for 4% from state

    • Ways we reduce costs: staff distribution (consolidating departments), supply, transportation/parking, maintenance

    • Increase on non-resident tuition as well: proposed 3-3.5% increase

    • Are there other efforts to get other funding from the state. To look at alternative funding sources to reduce/remove

  • Motion to extend time by 2 minutes by Nory, seconded by Becky

  • Nory yields the floor to Kevin

    • In labor negotiations, has there been plans to have 0% raise? No

  • Motion to move resolution 18-12 up to the next item by Alyssa, seconded by Becky. No objections

VIII. 18-12 A Resolution on Discrimination in Single-Gender Teaching Assignments (15 minutes)


  • There have been instances where TA assignments have been based on gender/demographics
  • Discussion
    • For social sciences--there is no such requirement that they're under to follow such as request. They do take race, gender, and sex in mind for some class (Women in the Body, Chicano/Latino studies, etc.) but not to an essentializing degree
  • Motion to extend time by 5 min by Becky, seconded by Martin. No objections
  • Call for investigation versus
  • Shane yields time to Kevin.
  • There is a formal procedure for reporting issues
  • Discussion: motion to table and discuss and build on resolution
  • Motion to table by Becky, seconded by Connor. No objections

IX. Union update on negotiations and bargaining (10 minutes)

  • Connor yields the floor to Kevin
  • The TA contract expires in June
  • Union’s demands on public on its website
  • No proposals on affordable housing, no proposal for non-discrimination, looking to roll back expedited
  • Negotiating will begin Feb 23rd at UC Berkeley
  • Organizing community meeting at 6 pm on Feb 16th in PV clubhouse
  • Feb 20th 6-8 pm membership meeting at PV club

X. 18-10 To Adopt an Elections Code (20 minutes)


  • Motion to add clarification by Becky
  • Discussion
    • Week 6 is now. If we pass the elections code we will be behind
  • Motion to add at the minimum that advertising should be sent out by all-grad email by Becky
    • There are several minor and a few substantial suggestions
  • Motion to table by Katia, seconded by Becky. Objected by Connor
  • Motion to extend time by 3 min by Nory, Seconded by Kate. No objections
    • It will be better to spend time to make a better election code
    • A little frustrated in the process of building this legislation
  • Motion to extend time by 5 min by Nory, Seconded by Amy.
  • Quorum count: 27.5
  • Vote to table: 23.5-0-2
  • Bill is tabled


XI. 18-13 A Resolution in Support of Free Culture and Free Software (15 minutes)

  • Want to share available, free resources
  • Tabled due to timing.


Meeting adjourned at 7:33 pm


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Misbah Hyder

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