Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I. Call to order

Meeting started at 5:30 pm

II. Housing Town Hall with Dean Leslie and Housing Director Timothy Trevan (60 minutes)

A) Introductions


Dean Leslie

Tim Trevan

Brice Ken Kikuchi

Connie Malone

B) Open Q&A
Housing for Families: How does Housing plan on enhancing and ensuring quality housing for graduate students with families?

  • Services: focus on family friendly programs, Family Program Initiative, after school program, summer camp, playgrounds and family safe spaces
  • $10.5 million in maintenance improvements in family/graduate housing (livability, kitchen and bathrooms, safety, parking lot, roof replacement etc.
  • Not sure right now what percent are
  • 24-48 hour turn around for all work orders
  • Maintenance software program to track work orders
  • Continuing to monitor
  • Students with families and students with health issues prioritized for housing extensions
  • Last summer was the first time Dean Leslie’s reserved/emergency 10 units were used for emergency housing extensions
  • Rent for families
  • Egalitarian pricing for apartments
  • Model for other universities where price assignments based on need?
  • Not aware of other universities having such a system
  • Dean Leslie will be heading to Washington D.C. to lobby against

Roommate Selection: Given that students cannot choose roommates in some housing plans, what steps are being taken to ensure transgender students are being put into safe environments?

  • Experiences with housing placement have been challenging, especially for transgender students who have tried to get placed with a specific person and were not assigned
  • There needs to be clearer directions in housing offer and
  • Housing form letters can come off misleading/hostile due to direct nature and efforts to make it sound urgent
  • Currently working with OIT to implement new student information system, will be implemented for housing in fall 2019
  • Going to housing office is more effective in addressing issues such as people’s assigned roommates
  • Especially for international students, two days notice with little to no instructions about housing, puts a lot of stress
  • Many graduate students receive move-in dates that are 1 to 3 months before the start of school, leading to students paying over $1000 in housing before coming to UCI when we don’t get paid until November
  • Sublets are available but not facilitated
  • Communication problem at the housing ground level

Roommate Selection: Likewise, there have been concerns that students are not being housed with compatible roommates and are encountering barriers for switching out of their current accommodations - even at the end of the contracted lease. Can Housing facilitate a house-swap situation? (Answered as a part of the previous question.)


Rent: Students are price sensitive and campus housing is the only affordable option for many. How are rental rates calculated and can there be a rental rate guarantee at the start of the lease?

  • How much are we going to need for future projects, maintenance, operations, utilities, staff and benefits
  • Are students open to double occupancy? No, students with financial need may feel pressured to take double occupancy without feeling comfortable with the choice. Also, may become more of a norm
  • What is your vision for housing in addition to current costs, what projects?
  • Commitment to providing a housing
  • New housing-plateau undergrad growth and grow graduate housing

Income: How does Housing and Grad Division plan to advocate for either reducing housing costs or increasing income for graduate students? According to data from our last student survey, over 40% of our graduate students make $25,000 or less a year and the average annual cost of living for UCI grad students is $10,500.

  • Housing has control of the inventory and the rate structure not stipends
  • Income: Can you give some background on how the average monthly GSR and TA stipends are calculated?
  • No campus policy. Dean Leslie tries to get all departments to pay GSRs same rate as TAs

Transition After Housing Guarantee: How does housing help transition students that need to stay an extra quarter, half-year, or full-year after their guarantee is over?

(Answered as a part of the first question.)

Michelle passes chair to Connor.

Quorum count: 22 present, 13 proxies, 28.5 votes (quorum is 22)
III. Approve agenda (1 minute)

  • Misbah-motion to approve, seconded by Navied. No objections.

IV. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

  • Motion to approve by Becky, seconded by Amy. No objections
  • Connor passes chair to Richard

V. 18-10 Bill to Adopt an Elections Code (20 minutes)

  • Some changes made since last time based on formatting, consistency in language
  • Motion to amend Elections code portions referring to appeals process by Becky, seconded by Connor. No objections
  • Richard passes chair to Michelle

  • Add new timeline for 2018 and schedule for future years by Becky, seconded by Connor. No objections.

  • Motion to pass the resolution by Richard. Seconded by Navied. No objections.

VI. 18-18 Resolution to Appoint Elections Commissioner/Officer (10 minutes)

  • Motion to strike line about non-payment
  • Motion to table until 7:20 pm by Kasra, seconded by Alex Stern
  • Richard amend resolution to have an interim elections officer be appointed until such time as a permanent commissioner
  • Motion to extend meeting by 2 minutes by Nory, seconded by Richard. No objections.
  • Richard moves to add Michelle’s name as interim, seconded by Connor. No objections.
  • Move to vote. No objections.

VII. 18-14 To Ratify Project Funds Allocations 2/2018

  • Ratifying funds for small events. One has previously worked with us and other to start working with AGS
  • Move to vote. No objections

VIII. 18-15 To Approve Funding Committee Allocations for Norwooz Celebration

  • Consistently received funding for this event, secured Bren Center for event
  • Motion to approve by RIchard, seconded by Kasra. No objections

IX. 18-16 To Approve Funding Allocations for Brown Bag Theater Company

  • Have been working with us. Well attended and actively working with graduate students from different organizations
  • Motion to approve by Kasra, seconded by Richard.

X. 18-17 To Approve Funding Allocations for Faultline

  • We have been working with them consistently. Strong plan set and infrastructure.
  • Discussion: are we on pace to fund other events for spring? Yes. We had no applications in Fall quarter, so even though budget was reduced due to Pub transition
  • Motion to adopt by Richard, seconded by Kasra

XI. If time permits:

a. Zots (1 minute)

  • Zots to Grady for providing feedback on Elections code, Richard and Sara for Karaoke

b. Executive and Committee reports (10 minutes)

  • Elections code
  • Following up on sexual harassment issues, supported by Dean Leslie
  • Going back to Elections Commissioners Resolution

c. New business (5 minutes)


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