Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Student Center Newport Beach AB

I. Call to order

  • Meeting starts: 5:45 pm
  • Quorum count: 18 presents and 13 proxies, 24.5 total votes (22 votes required for quorum)

II. Approve agenda (1 minute)

  • Motion to amend the agenda: add 2 minutes for union by Becky seconded by Richard
  • Motion to approve by Nory seconded by Jared

III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)

  • Motion by Nory ,seconded by Jared

IV. Executive and Committee reports (32 minutes)

a. Social Division (10 minutes)

·        Everything is great.

·        Karaoke went great.

b. External Division (10 minutes)

·        UCGPC updates by Becky on open access policy and different viewpoints.

·        Invitation on feedback on campus climate. Explanation on GPC role in campus climate. Application for attendance open.

·        Regents meeting at UCLA this week to vote on tuition increases. If interested notify Becky Grady.

c. Administrative Division (5 minutes)

·        Symposium is going great.

·        Issue with not assigning proxy in your absence is discussed.  

·        Bianca chair of ARC board and open to council comments,

·        99 speakers for symposium. Training sessions opened today.

·        Volunteering for symposium is greatly appreciated.

d. Financial Division (5 minutes)

·        No update

e. President Division (1 minute)

·        Michelle had a meeting with Governor Brown about the UC Regents Selection Advisory Committee on Monday. Michelle represented the UC students on the committee to discuss qualifications for future regental appointees.

·        Nav, Nory, and Michelle are on the Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC) and are reviewing proposals for 18-19 medical health insurance (vision and dental are not up for renewal). They cannot disclose potential rates because of confidential bidding process. Currently negotiating with UCSHIP to eliminate referrals for care outside of 50 miles and for mental health specialists.

·        ASK FOR COUNCIL #1: Please send testimonials ( or write them here at Council meeting) about how this would impact your care. Do you know someone who has needed mental health specialist and felt burdened by making a phone call to Student Health Center for a referral? What has been your experience with these referrals?

·        Some experiences with insurance referral process are shared from council members (Kasra, Nory, Van, Maryam and Eduardo)  in hardship of billing, family and dependant insurance and referral process in UCI and provider.

·        UCI health and wellness building petition, requires to reach certain number of signature to go on ballot. Three years of efforts to increase in fees for the proposal.

f. Internal Division (1 minute)

·        Evelyn and Connor having a productive time lobbying in DC with members of Congress on education policy, DAVA, federal research program and open data access.

·        ASK FOR COUNCIL #2: If you have received a notice from Anthem about paperless statements when you have not opted in to paperless, please send them to Michelle ( The SHIAC is looking into this issue. Opting into paperless statements is supposed to be an option, rather than an “opt out” process. We have received complaints from students that Anthem is going paperless by default and we need to evidence if you are willing to share.

Union Update (2 minutes)

  •  Negotiations on TA access to teaching resources (office space, board and mailing box).
  • Proposing bargain session in UCSD and transporting grad students to bargaining.
  • Committee of Safety rules are open for volunteers.

V. Zots (1 minute)

  • Kate Zots to Catilin and Grady serve on graduate council on academic senate
  • Kate Zot to Catilin for Serving on graduate council
  • Becky Zots to Evylin and Connor for DC trip
  • Becky Zots to Richard for last minute helps
  • Amy Zots to Ricahrd and Sara for Karaoke night

VI. 18-19 To Approve a New AGS Council Member (5 minutes)

  • Second Quorum count: 19 present , 15 proxies, 26.5 total vote. Quorum met
  • Jared moved seconded by Richard

VII. 18-13 A Resolution in Support of Free Culture and Free Software (15 minutes)

  • Background by Grady.
  • Motion to end debate by Alex
  •  Vote 4-12.5-10 motion fails
  • Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Kasra seconded by Becky
  • Discussion:
    • Sara, Who is responsible to maintain the list? Mostly VP admin or volunteer.
    • Van, Any other campuses doing the same thing? Not aware of
    • Becky, The resolution doesn’t represent for what it was meant for.
    • The formal requirements were avoided to avoid burden.
  • Motion to extend time by 1 minute by Grady, seconded by Becky
  • An example of a case in 2008.
  • Done 6:41 pm

Vote: 17.5 Yes- 0 No - 8.5 neutral. resolution passes

Motion to move the Title IX intro to this point.Motioned by Nory and seconded by Richard

Intro to TITLE IX board activities. Last month meeting for the first meeting. Issued that might cause the online training might not be adequate. Proposals discussed about on campus resources for TITLE IX. Creating departmental liaison.


  • Nory, efforts toward accommodating LGBT? Towards policy to be more inclusive and departmental educational resources.
  • Becky, Is there a formal way to reach? Open office ours coming up. UC wide platform for feedback.
  • Becky, mandatory reporting responsibility unclear instructions.what is the boards idea? The policy is not very clear.
  • Grady, What are the next steps beside online education? On campus resources.
  • Motion to extend time by 5 minutes seconded by Jared.

Done: 6:57 pm

VIII. Debrief on Housing Town Hall (15 minutes)

a. Any follow-up questions for Dean Leslie and Tim Trevan?

b. Future directions for interactions with Grad Division and Housing?

Van, One time funding of 3 million dollar donation for emergency housing  from UC to this campus.

Becky, the money is already decided to be allocated for undergraduate needs.

Grady, graduate coucill have discussed the grad housing prices. Kate, Rent calculations might not be accurate based on living situation. Grady and Caitlin on low pay. North campus housing was shut down. Alex,if the school doesn’t pay money for the land why housing is expensive? Richard response, mostly goes to repairs and maintenance.

IX. Elections (10 minutes)

a. Whoever is Elections Officer (EO) on March 20 will be EO for remainder of elections and be ineligible to run for office

b. Last call for EO appointments (paid $300 for term)

No volunteers. Some new proposals for upcoming years. Will be opened to all grad.

X. New business (10 minutes)

Jared, Council for faculty welfare and complaints about bad situation of bad maintenance of some buildings. Open to document share for bad incidents in each departments.

Motion to end the meeting by Richard seconded by Alex

Meeting adjourned at 7:18 pm