Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I. Call to order

5:36 pm. 21 present, 6 proxies (24 votes, 22 is quorum)


II. Approve Agenda (1 minute)
Motion to amend agenda  by Alex Stern to move items 18-25 and 18-26 to after zots.
No objections

 III. Approve minutes from previous meeting (1 minute)
No objections

IV. Executive and Committee Reports:
a. President Division (5 minutes)

Michelle will be calling in for elections updates
b. Internal Division (5 minutes)

Resolutions are being voted on today

Surveys came out from the university and we have access to data, so we want to review those before we send out
c. Administrative Division (5 minutes)
Kate yields time to Kevin K. (Union)
Bargaining at UCLA: negotiations for family care, international student payments to take tests to teach, title IX

Still waiting for wage proposal
d. External Division (5 minutes)
DC trip went well. We learned things to improve in the future.
We are lobbying against the PROSPER act. It may go to a vote
We will be appointing a new national legislative director at the next meeting
UCGCP meeting in AGS offices coming up. Connor will serve as Becky’s proxy
To work with UCSA about statewide appointments
Climate conference this Saturday. Email Katia and Neil, cc Becky, if interested in attending. Neil may need some volunteers during the day if something comes up. Sacramento trip coming up, making arrangements. If there are any state issues, please send to Katia and Becky
e. Financial Division (5 minutes)
Finished spring round of travel grants and notified all applicants.
Still under budget based on projections
f.  Social Division (5 minutes)
May 4th spring fling: Moved from outdoors terrace to Doheny Beach A-D and patios.
DJ who has promised star wars ambiance, caricatures, photo booth.
Please post and re-post about May 4th event
Brewery tour coming up
One world concert coming up

V. Zots (3 minutes)
Connor for being Becky’s proxy
Kate for name placards
Delaram for being elected to a national board

VI. Resolution 18-12 A Resolution Against Gender Discrimination in Teaching Assistant Appointments to Faculty Members (10 minutes)
Presentation: This is a revised resolution previously brought forward by Alyssa
Discussion: Has AGS or a council member followed up with Dean Leslie? Several admin are looking into this independently, but this resolution would help support these efforts.
Minor revision: change title and “LET IT BE RESOLVED that AGS objects to the use of gender-based exclusion from teaching or research assistant assignments, as a preventative measure against sexual harassment;” by Becky, seconded by Connor. No objections.
Discussion continued: Would this affect assignments were a gender-specific assignment would be a positive space consideration, such as gender studies? We do not intend this resolution to be applied in such a case. The resolution was phrased in order to make our stance be for the university to start the conversation and make sure they are reviewing issues. Ideally, any faculty that meets this description would be put on leave until a review can be conducted.
28-yes, 0-abstain, 0-no

VI. 18-27 Ratification of Bills 18-20 and 18-21 Conducted as Web Resolutions (10 minutes)




VII. 18-22 To Approve Funding Committee Allocations for Spicmacay @ UCI (10 minutes)
Discussion: Are we their primary funder? One of the main funders; Why did they increase their request from last year? Their headliner is bringing more people and need more funding to support it. Seems like a reasonable
Richard, Connor
Vote: 25-yes, 0-abstain, 1-no

VIII. 18-23 To Approve Funding Committee Allocations for ASUCI Reclaim Mental Health        Conference (10 minutes)
Presentation: Geared towards all UCI students
Discussions: ASUCI is putting a lot of their own money towards this event, and is looking for opportunities to get more funding. Will there be a way to verify the number of graduate students that actually attend? Yes, they are willing to share their numbers. Also, can we advertise for the event on the AGS social media accounts? They must make an effort to advertise campus wide. If we could advertise with Professors that might increase attendance
27-yes, 0-abstain, 0-no

IX. 18-24 Palo Verde Residence Council 2018-2019 Election Commissioner Appointment (10 minutes)
Richard, Jared
25.5 yes, 2 abstain, 0 no
X. 18-25 A Bill to Modify the AGS Web Resolution Procedure (10 minutes)
Presentation: One of the values of web resolutions is to resolve a resolution in a timely manner; this resolution would maintain the right to revisit and object
o Do you see this helping to expedite other resolutions?
o Motion to accept resolution and remove
o 24, 9 : vote 28.5 (quorum)
o 28 yes, 0 no, 0.5 abstain

XI. 18-26 A Bill to Ratify 2017-2018 Election Results (20 minutes)
Presentation: Whether the elections were run unbiased and we can view the results
Discussion: Were there any complaints? No. The elections forum was not run but did not bias the election. For next year, it would be good to have the forum scheduled on a day that would be good for all candidates such as a committee meeting. It could bias the election if the meeting was scheduled such that not all candidates can attend. Also, it would be good to consider whether the elections commissioner
Becky motions to ratify election results, Kasra seconds. Vote: 26 yes, 2.5 abstain, 0 no (passes)

XII. New Business (5 minutes)
After we passed the resolution to ratify the elections results, Aaron has set a timer and results will be posted on the website at midnight.
If you are interested in serving as an exec, exec elections will be coming up. Date is not set.
Transition to new council will be this quarter.
At the pub there’s new beers on Thursday. They’ll be giving out free pint glasses

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm
Maximum time allotted: 120 minutes