Tuesday, May 01, 2018


Tuesday, May 1, 2018 
Student Center Newport Beach AB 
I. Call to order 
5:35 pm.
Quorum count: 18 present, 14 proxies: 25 votes (22 is quorum)
II. Approve Agenda (1 minute) 
Motion to approve agenda by Amy, seconded by Connor
III. Executive and Committee Reports (30 minutes): 
a. President Division (5 minutes)
  • Chancellor meeting coming up. Please let Michelle know. 
  • If you want an official voice, draft legislation
  • Write-ins will be notified and school run-off elections
  • May 15th, external VP elections
  • PAB Updates:
  • New TV for menu
  • Pub’s stakeholder meeting at the end of May
  • Michelle, Jared, Pub owners, Student Affairs, police
  • Yearly meeting to discuss issues, updates etc.
  • One more PAB meeting this quarter, looking forward to next year and transitions
b. Internal Division (5 minutes) 
  • Survey will be coming out hopefully next week
  • If you have any experience in software let Connor know
c. Administrative Division (5 minutes) 
  • Symposium was a success 
  • AGS Service Awards are currently being decided
d. External Division (5 minutes) 
  • Campus climate conference went off well 
  • Going to Sacramento for lobbying, 10 people from UCI and 2 from UCLA
  • Working on what a graduate student is to explain to regents
  • Most other schools already have their VP Externals so that is why we are pushing VP External election
  • System-wide survey to parents being put together
  • Finalizing student regent position this weekend
e. Financial Division (5 minutes) 
  • Primetime shuttle has not been meeting our needs, so we are looking for other options
  • We have switched it to the other company UCI has listed in the interim. 
f. Social Division (5 minutes) 
  • Spring Fling this Friday. It is going to be amazing. 
  • Thank you for your social media postings
IV. Zots (3 minutes) 
Zots to Connor and Misbah, Becky, Jared for the climate conference. Zots for Sarah for website assistance
V. Bill 18-28 Appointment of AGS Staff: National Legislative Director (10 minutes) 
  • Helpful to have someone on staff for the last 2 months to handle SAGE interactions and lobbying events coming up
  • Suggest to change this to a general legislative director since both state and national legislative director positions are currently vacant
  • Delaram went with us to Washington D.C. and got really great feedback on her preparation and interactions
  • Becky yields her time for Delaram to speak
  • What are your goals for this two month appointment? Train for the Sacramento trip, work on advocacy for other meetings, communicate with graduate students—what are their concerns and what have we done
  • In the next two months
  • Motion to extend time by 5 min by Hamed, seconded by Becky. No objections.
  • Motion to amend by Becky, change to general legislative director (not national)
  • Objection withdrawn.
  • No objections. Motion passes
  • Vote: 23.5-0-1.5. Bill passes.
VI. New Business (5 minutes) 
 Meeting adjourned 6:15 pm