Tuesday, May 08, 2018



I. Call to order

Meeting started at: 5:42 pm

Quorum count:  22 present, 9 proxies: 26.5 votes (quorum is 22 votes)

II. Approve agenda (1 minute)

Motion to amend the agenda by Shane, seconded by Connor. Move 18-29 up to the beginning of the agenda. No objections

Motion to approve the agenda by Richard, seconded by Becky. No objections.

III. 18-29 A Resolution Supporting CTSA TA Pay Equity (20 minutes)

Presentation: Attachments are to be added. Arts students receive significantly less pay than other graduate students. We are the lowest paid PhD students not only within UCI but in comparison to all other UC schools. We are losing students to other schools who have more reasonable funding offers. This has been a known, ongoing issue for four years. Why are we at 25% funding?

Discussion: Thank you for bringing this up. Can you explain more about what 25% funding means? What are other ways that people in your school make ends meet (for lobbying purposes)? TAs are paid about half of what other students while working 110 hours per quarter. Other schools do 120 hours. Most students work 180-190 hours, so are told to just work less. First year: $12,000, other years: $15,000. Other opportunities: within the school? Not really, cannot TA outside of the department, most work outside the university to tutor, teach, etc. sometimes working all the way in Riverside. Also expected to work in production.

Recommend adding a whereas clause describing the effect on rankings

Shamed by the department for having priorities outside of the department. Almost every candidate admitted this year already has a previous degree, so they are taking a pay cut to come back to school. Is there normative time to degree pressure? We have lost 3 students in 3 years due to deadlines. You are given funding for 5 years, but they admit it is a 7 year program. There are deadlines for years 1,2, and 3, although most students do not meet them due to unrealistic expectations.

Connor is putting together numbers to compare UCI pay to the current market

The school says that what they are paying students is all that is given from grad division

Motion to extend time by 5 mins by Neil, seconded by Kasra.

MFAs and directors are funded at 20%.

Motion to amend “whereas UCI’s CTSA... “ by Becky, seconded by Richard. No objections.

Motion to add “whereas CTSA has dropped in rankings…” by Becky, seconded by Van. No objections.

Motion to add “Let it therefore be resolved that AGS asks administration…” by Becky, seconded by Richard. Discussion.

Motion to extend time by 5 minutes by Navied. Seconded by Alex Stern.

No definition of what constitutes a 25% TAship.

Kate yields to Delaram.

Amendment withdrawn

Motion to add “Let it therefore be resolved that AGS asks administration…” by Becky, seconded by Richard. No Objections

Motion to add “Let it therefore be resolved that AGS council will investigate…” by Becky, seconded by Jared. No objections

Vote: Yes: 27, No: 0, Abstain: 0

IV. Approve minutes from previous meetings (1 minute)

Motion to approve the March meeting minutes by Navied, seconded by Richard. No objections.

Motion to amend the meeting minutes by Jared, seconded by Kasra. No objections

PAB meeting will be the end of May

Meeting Minutes from May 1, 2018 will be voted on next council meeting

V. Executive and Committee Reports:

President Division (5 minutes)

New student health insurance numbers: Navied, Neil, and Michelle C. were all on SHIAC

Medical insurance premium went up 2.8% (usual inflation is 8%)

Bids based on previous insurance use

UCOP approved no referral required for mental health greater than 50 miles away

For specialists you still have to call in

Navied will be putting together a packet of benefits to send to graduate students

Internal Division (5 minutes)

Survey almost ready to send out: restructured surveys based on other surveys that have come out in order to maximize new and useful information.

Connor and Michelle have been housing meetings this last week. Shortfall in housing is greater than expected. Some departments that were thought to be struggling, actually are accepting even more than projected.  Acceptance rate last year for housing was 73%, this year: 85%. 98 students will not be able to renew. Housing was not expecting this. Please let Connor know of any irregularities or struggling students.

Grad Division has decided to not lobby on behalf of student housing, or have others lobby. There has been a failure in supporting students.

Move to extend time by 5 min by Jared, seconded by Amy. No objections.

If student is not guaranteed, but received housing, housing has option to not renew.

Larger problem: underestimating housing demand, there is a push to get students without having resources for those students

We should express at the department level, so they understand what is happening for students

Upcoming meeting? We need to make through resolution explicitly how we are not being effectively served: two weeks time

Dean Leslie is not taking action on this item, so we have gnd one straight to housing, Dr. Parham, and committees

Administrative Division (5 minutes)

Presented the AGS Service Awards during the student government luncheon yesterday (awarded three faculty and three students)

Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students (PACAOS): Appendix E: Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Student Adjudication Framework and Section 100.00: Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline. Our Title IX representative Matt Barno will be visiting next council meeting May 22nd to talk and ask for feedback

Web resolution to be sent out Thursday afternoon--please vote!

External Division (5 minutes)

Interviews for the next student regents, narrowed down to three candidates

UCGPC and UCSA negotiating how they will work together

The last two grad UCs recommending to join UCGPC

Sacramento visit this weekend. If you have a testimonial or know someone who would like to provide one, email Becky ( Lobbying topics: housing and net neutrality

Financial Division (5 minutes)

Project funds deadline coming up

Social Division (5 minutes)

May 4th was Spring Fling.

Brewery tour coming up in two weeks (19th)

VII. Zots (2 minutes)

Zots to Navied, Neil, and Will for serving on SHIAC. Zots to new council members here tonight. Zots for Hamed and Caitlin and Hamed for helping with service awards. Zots to Jared for helping out with survey. Zots for social team (Kasra, Richard, Shane, Sara), Kelly Musgrove, Nikki Deville, and Neil.

Resolution in support of California state bills to improve access to affordable housing for students (20 minutes)

Presentation: To give support to students going up to Sacramento to advocate for the students. There are several bills coming up in state congress that would be beneficial to students for housing, including loan options.  Currently not much accounting for cities that do not meet housing requirements. Density bonus goes to 100% student housing with at least 20% affordable housing

Motion to change lobbying to advocacy by Becky, seconded by Connor. No objections.

Motion to remove exclusive by Becky, seconded by Van. No objections.


Discussion: What are the amounts of the bonds? 7 billion (but it is currently fluctuating). Would be managed by an oversight committee For the newest installment in Verano (2021) 50-70 million

A density bonus allows people to develop at a density higher than a local zoning requirement would be.

Vote: (yes) 26.5- (no) 0 -(abstain) 0

AGS Executive Board Overview of Divisions and VP Positions (30 minutes)*

VP External:

VP External oversees UCI’s involvement with UCGPC and UCSA

External organizes and facilitates advocacy events at the local, state, and federal levels

Attends meetings with Administration at UCI and UCOP, advocating for student issues

Oversees external committee

May appoint legislative director(s)

VP Admin:

Oversee all communications and act as a liason for other VPs with students

Make sure issues are brought to the appropriate person

Participate in meetings with administration

Communicate with council for meetings and all events

Assist committee proxies and council proxies as required

Field student issues

Website and social media

Assign council members to committees (AGS and UCI-wide)

Coordinate with ASUCI

Organize all council and committee meetings

  • Room bookings
  • food
  • Clean-up
  • Name placards
  • Sign-in sheets

Special project

My special project has been symposium


Meeting ended at 7:31 pm