Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I. Call to order

5:41 pm

Quorum for 2017-2018 Council: 22 votes

Quorum for 2018-2019 Council:  22 votes

II. Approve agenda (1 minute)

  • Motion by Richard to amend the agenda by moving up the elections to after approving the agenda, seconded by Becky. Objection by Kate. Resolution 18-31 is time sensitive and we need to make sure we have quorum to pass it.
  • 16/4.5/1.5 (Yes, Abstain, No)
  • Motion to remove minute approval, seconded by Connor. No objections.
  • Motion to move 18-31 to after elections by Becky, seconded by Richard. No objections.
  • Motion to approve agenda by Becky, seconded by Richard. No objections.


VIII. AGS Vice President Elections (90 minutes)*

a. VP of Administrative Affairs


Shane Wood

Sara Newsome

Shane Presentation:

  • Motion to extend by 2 minutes by Kate, seconded by Hamed. No objections.
  • Motion to appoint Michelle C. as parliamentarian for keeping track of speaker lists, seconded by Jared. No objections.
  • Jared yields time to Becky

Sara Presentation:

  • Motion to extend time by two minutes by Neil, seconded by Jared. No objections.
  • Jared yields time to Becky

*Shane Wood has been elected.


b. VP of External Affairs


Connor Strobel

Connor Presentation:

Motion to extend time by two minutes by Neil, seconded by Kasra. No objections.

Jared yields floor to Becky

*Connor has been elected.

IV. Executive and Committee reports (10 minutes)

President: Speaker coming on campus, university updating speaker policy for external speakers

VP Internal: Survey coming out today or tomorrow. VP internal duties focus on connecting students with services

VP External:


  • Advocacy day trip went well last weekend
  • UCGPC has appointed a legislative director
  • Students have been protesting to support workers at other schools. At UC Santa Cruz some students were arrested. Drafting legislation in response.
  • Regents meeting next week
  • MOU with UCSA and UCGPC to make sure students have say over systemwide appointments
  • UCGPC made some changes to the budget: executive pay increased to $2,000/year, $3,000 for president. Bonus given to interim president (Becky) of $500
  • UCGPC made money at conferences this year so that will be put towards the same conferences next year

Legislative Director:

  • Advocacy for housing, net neutrality, and UC campus budget ask (to stop tuition increases)
  • SAGE fall summit Oct 18-20 in Austin
  • As communication director for SAGE, Delaram will have school specific updates

VP Admin:

  • Web Resolution ends Thursday. 
  • If anyone has feedback about symposium, please email 
  • Matt Barno will be coming to speak next week on changes to sexual harassment and code of conduct policies. If there are any questions to send before the meeting, Kate will compile them and send them to Matt

VP Finance:


  • Project funds posted online

  • Some people need check reimbursements--email Martin to meet up

V. Zots (1 minute)

  • Zots to Kate for being here even though she passed her qual today; zots for everyone who went to advocate: to Shreya Sharan (x2), Erika Estrada, Syed Mohammad Ashab Uddin, Jiarui Tao, Alexander Stern, Maureen Purcell, Amy Shine, Delaram Amiri

VI. 18-31 To Ratify Project Funds Allocations 5/2018 (5 minutes)

Table as it is currently open as a web resolution.


VII. Brief overview of Council meeting procedures (5 minutes) In order to officially claim your seat as 18’ 19’ Council member, attend any Council meeting. Seats will be reserved for the winners of the Spring 2017 AGS Elections until Fall 2018.

IX. New business (5 minutes)


  • Requesting feedback from students about facilities management issues

  • App for reporting facility issues on campus, other things, being beta tested
  • Interviewing people for Brice’s interim

Meeting adjourned at 7:16 pm