Tuesday, May 22, 2018


I. Call to order

Meeting started at  5:37 pm

Quorum counts:

2017-2018 Council: 16 present: 21 votes (quorum needed is 22, quorum not met)

2018-2019 Council: 21 present (quorum is 17.5)

II. Approve agenda (1 minute)

Motion to move executive reports to after approve agenda by Neil, seconded by Connor. No objections.

Motion to limit reports to 5 minutes with no expansion by Neil, seconded by Kasra.

Motion to approve the agenda by Richard, seconded by Kasra

III. Executive and Committee reports (10 minutes)


Met with director who oversees Dining, Housing, and Student Gov. Issues: reports to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. There is also going to be new VIce Chancellor of Student Affairs. Please come to open sessions to ask questions about student issues

Relationship has been good so far with the interim director. Brice has been actively trying to keep pub prices low

They are our partner in a lot of issues and so it is important that they understand the student perspective and issues

VP Internal

If any students came in as a master’s student but converted to PhD, please email Connor. Housing will honor the lease. They are also honoring sub-leases signed but then rescinded because of new policy requiring sub-leaser be a UCI-affiliate.

IV. AGS Vice President Elections (90 minutes)*

a.    VP of Social Affairs

Connor nominates Richard. Richard accepts.

Michelle appoints Connor as parliamentarian for elections, seconded by Kate. No objections.

Richard presents and answers questions.

Motion to extend time by 3 min by Neil, seconded by Connor. No Objections.

Follow-up questions.


*Richard Prince appointed VP Social

b.    VP of Financial Affairs

Kate nominates Maryam A.

Neil nominates Michelle C.

Michelle presents and answers questions.

Maryam presents and answers questions.

Group questions with both candidates.

Discussion: Michelle as proctor for the elections should not be allowed to read individual votes from eee-survey.


*Michelle Chan elected VP Finance

c.    VP of Internal Affairs

Shane nominates Amy Shine.

Prince Heto nominates himself.

Amy Shine presents and answers questions.

Motion to extend time by Eduardo and seconded by Kasra. No objections.

Prince Heto presents and answers questions.

Motion to extend time by two minutes by Van, seconded by Eduardo. No objections.

Call to question by Grady, seconded by Kate. Objection by Van.

Discussion: Should we proceed with the vote even though there hasn’t been a group discussion on candidates? Should we wait until next council meeting? We would have to redo both individual presentations.

Vote: 19-0-0

Council members vote.

*Prince Heto is appointed VP Internal

Meeting ended at 7:58 pm

Remainder of agenda tabled due to timing.

*Note: The VP elections will be voted on by 18’ 19’ AGS Council members present at the meeting in person or over the phone. No proxy votes will be counted during the elections. The VP Elections will proceed as follows:

- Nominations for the VP position opens for 1 minute. Any AGS fee-paying graduate student is able to declare their candidacy or nominate another individual.

- All candidates exit the room.

- Each candidate returns to the room to give their 2-minute speech and participate in a 3-minute Q&A session.

- All candidates return to the room to participate in a group Q&A session.

- All candidates leave the room for Council discussion and vote.

- Winner will be announced immediately following the vote.