AGS connects students to UCI through three different types of committees: AGS Committees, Academic Senate Committees, and UCI Campus Committees.

AGS Committees

AGS Committees are open to all graduate and professional students who want to participate. Committee meetings and schedules can be found here.

The Internal Committee actively represents graduate student concerns regarding on-campus housing and parking, healthcare and insurance, academic units, and student life. The Internal Committee also plans student life-oriented events to support and enrich the graduate and professional student community. In addition, the Internal Students Committee seeks to represent the interests of international graduate and professional students at UCI. They address issues directly relevant to the international student community, and host events that reflect international student interests and enrich international students

Have complaints or concerns about Housing, Healthcare, or your academic unit? Have an idea for a student wellness event?  The Internal Committee is looking for student feedback about their experiences.

  • Committee Chair: Jared Celniker
  • Supervising Exec:Jared Celniker, VP Internal
  • Contact:
The Professional Development Committee actively represents graduate student concerns regarding the academic and non-academic job market. The Professional Development Committee also plans graduate events to help train, inform, and prepare graduate students for the job market.  The Professional Development Committee is looking for student feedback about their experiences and concerns.

  • Committee Chairs: VP Admin
  • Supervising Exec: VP Admin
  • Contact:
  • Symposium Coordinator: Marzieh Ataei
  • Contact:
The External Affairs committee monitors active and pending legislation on the state and federal levels, lobbies in Sacramento and Washington D.C., and raises awareness about political issues affecting the graduate student body. The External committee is the representative to the UC Student Association (UCSA), the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) and Student Advocates for Graduate Education (SAGE).

The Communications Committees plans and coordinates all strategic communications, social media campaigns, and publicity on behalf of AGS. They work in close relation with all AGS committees and leadership to ensure graduate students are informed of issues that affect them.

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing Project Funds—small grants for student organizations hosting events open to the whole campus—and Travel Grants, small grants for graduate students to present original research at conferences at which they’ve been admitted. The Funding Committee also looks for new sources of funding for AGS including corporate partnerships and is a hub of entrepreneurial program development at AGS.

  • Chair:  Khajika Soyoltulga, VP Finance
  • Supervising Exec: Khajika Soyoltulga, VP Finance
  • Contact:
Part of AGS’ effort to become independent of student fees’ funding, AGS’ receives 7% of the profits of UCI’s Anthill Pub & Grill and is its primary stakeholder. The Pub Advisory Board, comprised of AGS members and other stakeholders, meets to discuss issues that affect the operation of the Pub. Students interested in serving on this board should contact the PAB Chair to inquire about new member selection.

  • Chair:  Khajika Soyoltulga, PAB Director
  • Supervising Exec: Khajika Soyoltulga, PAB Director
  • Contact:
The primary goal of the committee is to organize social events geared toward the interests of the graduate-professional student body at UC Irvine. To stay up-to-date with the latest event information, check out the AGS Social Committee Facebook page here.

Academic Senate Committees

Academic Senate Committees represent UCI’s shared governance between faculty, administration, and students. AGS appoints graduate representatives to these committees each fall for 1-year terms.

2019-2020 Membership

Graduate Council
Caitlin Suire, Matt Brand, and Daniel Ganz

Council on Educational Policy
Melissa Dahlin

Council on Planning & Budget
VP Internal Jared Celniker

Council on Faculty Welfare
Jared Celniker

Council on Research, Computing & Libraries
Richard Prince

Subcommittee on International Education
Emad Kasaeyan Naeini

Council on Teaching, Learning and Student Experience
Reginald Thomas Gardner and Amy Shine

Council on Undergraduate Admissions & Relations with Schools
Eric Barraza

Subcommittee on Courses
Elham Zargar

UCI Campus Committees

UCI Campus Committees govern various student centers and resources across campus. AGS appoints graduate representatives to these committees each fall for 1-year terms.

Student Center Board
Richard Prince

Bren Events Center Board
Noah Esteki

Anteater Recreation Center Board
Bria Watson

Wellness Building Committee
Amanda Brown

Housing Commission
Kevin Kadowaki

Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee
VP Internal Jared Celniker (non-voting), Shane Wood, Kelli Malott, and Navied Akhtar (voting)

Student Fees Advisory Committee
Connor Strobel, and Amy Shine

The Hill Advisory Board
Richard Prince

Esports Advisory Committee

COMPASS Advisory Council
Amy Shine

Alumni Association Board of Directors
Shane Wood

Young Alumni Council
Shane Wood

Academic Planning Group
Shane Wood

Council on Student Enrollment and Success
Shane Wood

Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution Task Force
Shane Wood