Upcoming Council Meetings:

Summer Schedule

Council Meetings (5:30pm-7:30pm)
July 28, 2020
August 25, 2020
September 22, 2020

Committee Meetings

(Location: Student Center, Newport Beach AB)

Committee meetings are held on Tuesdays during even weeks of the quarter, except university holidays, 5:30 – 7:30 pm. *All committees meet concurrently.

Council meetings are held on Tuesdays during odd weeks of the quarter, except university holidays, 5:30 – 7:30 pm. *No meeting during Finals Week

AGS Council Members, 2020-2021

The AGS Council is comprised of elected representatives from each graduate and professional school. Council members represent students on both AGS and UCI committees and are responsible for communicating important issues and events to their constituents.

Interested in filling an empty seat or running for next year? Fill out our volunteer form here.

School of the Arts 2/2 Seats
Amy Shine shinea@uci.edu
Shane K. M. Wood swood1@uci.edu
School of Business 0/3 Seats
School of Humanities 2/3 Seats
Steven Norris scnorris@uci.edu
Sara Newsome newsomes@uci.edu
School of Information & Computer Sciences 3/8 Seats
Muhammad Twaha Ibrahim muhammti@uci.edu
Reginald T. Gardner rtgardne@uci.edu
Elizabeth Ankrah eankrah@uci.edu
School of Medicine 3/3 Seats
Timothy Vu timotv1@hs.uci.edu
Greg Kojayan kojayang@hs.uci.edu
Cecilia Nguyen cecilihn@hs.uci.edu
Medical Academics/Health Sciences 2/3 Seats
Abhery Das abheryd@uci.edu
Kelli Malott kmalott@uci.edu
School of Social Ecology 5/5 Seats
Maureen Purcell mjpurcel@uci.edu
Jesus Jasso Verduzco jjverduz@uci.edu
Jared Celniker jcelnike@uci.edu
Thomas Anthony Genova tgenova@uci.edu
Amalia Mejia amaliam2@uci.edu
School of Biological Sciences 1/4 Seats
Caitlin N. Suire csuire@uci.edu
School of Education 3/3 Seats
Hye Rin Lee hyerl@uci.edu
Melina Pinales mpinales@uci.edu
Melissa Dahlin mdahlin@uci.edu
School of Engineering 5/10 Seats
Rozhin Yasaei ryasaei@uci.edu
Noah Esteki aesteki@uci.edu
Matthew Brand mbrand1@uci.edu
Emad Kasaeyan Naeini ekasaeya@uci.edu
Navied Akhtar akhtarn@uci.edu
School of Law 0/2 Seats
School of Physical Sciences 2/6 Seats
Yong Li yongl10@uci.edu
Yasmeen Musthafa ymustaf@uci.edu
School of Social Sciences 4/5 Seats
Canton Winer cwiner@uci.edu
Daniel Ganz dganz@uci.edu
Zoe Miller-Vedam zmillerv@uci.edu
Isha Bhallamudi ibhallam@uci.edu

Previous members of AGS Council can be found here.