Dear Colleagues,

The window to declare your candidacy for AGS President and AGS Council Representative is open. The deadline to declare your candidacy is Friday, March 15th at 5PM. Candidates are only eligible to take part in the election if they declare candidacy before this deadline. Only self-declarations will be accepted at this time although there will be a write-in option during voting.

This year’s election will be held online during the 3rd week of Spring Quarter – Monday, April 14th at 9AM to Friday, April 19th at 5PM.

You can declare candidacy for both AGS President or Council Representative now at

Note for students in Law, Medicine, and Business: You can declare candidacy for President, but your Council representatives are selected by SBA, AMSG, and MSA respectively.

The job descriptions for both positions are as follows:

AGS President: 

  • Time commitment: 25+ hours per week.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Serve as chief advocate for graduate and professional students at UCI. This takes a number of forms—representing AGS at campus – wide committees on various aspects of campus governance, including campus climate, budgeting, policy, housing, healthcare, parking, and professional development, among other things.

    • Manage and lead recruitment for an organization of over 50 members including an executive cabinet, student staff, council representatives, and volunteers, organized into a variety of committees.

    • Effectively motivate, facilitate, and enable AGS members and other students to advocate for each other and themselves. Maintain, augment, and develop and raise funds for services that AGS provides to graduate students, including programs such as travel grants, social events, bagel day, AGS Symposium, and career conference.

    • Meet regularly with a host of campus administrators to achieve these goals.


AGS Council Representative:

  • Time commitment: 2-4 hours per week.

  • Responsibilities: 

    • The Council has proportional representation from each of the academic schools—a listing of seats open is available at

    • The Council passes resolutions and speaks as the official voice of the graduate and professional students at UCI.

    • Council Representatives must attend Council and committee meetings (every Tuesday evening, 5:30-7:30pm).

    • Council Representatives elect AGS Vice Presidents (VP) at their second meeting, but you do not need to be a Council Representative to run for those positions.

    • More info about the VP positions can be found on the AGS website at, and time commitments for those range are typically 10-20 hours per week.


Questions? Contact the Elections Officer at