Recently the State Assembly passed SB201 a bill that modifies California law to allow graduate student researchers to vote to unionize.  This is something that has previously been denied to grads except for TAs.  The bill is currently awaiting signature by Governor Brown, and he has until the 15th of October to sign.  We would like to take a moment to ask you to please contact the Governor’s office with your support for the bill.  More information about SB201 can be found here.  Additionally, the Council of UC Faculty Associations has endorsed this bill and their letter can be found at this link.
To contact the Governor’s office:
Call: 916-445-2841
The Governor has indicated his concern for how unionization will affect the relationship between grads and their mentors.  A final and impactful step you can take is to have a conversation with your advisors and ask them to support the bill.