AGS Reimbursement Process:

In this process, we will walk you through how to fill out the check request form, available here.

Payee Information: The person the check should be going to.

Requester Information: The person filling this form out.

Complete description of payment: In the top empty box, write out the event name and date.
In subsequent lines, describe the items purchased (“toaster oven and baking set”), what the items were used for (“for raffle”), and where and when they were used (“ags cooking night, 1/1/2011”). You don’t have to describe each item line-by-line, but be thorough. Begin each entry with the location the items were purchased. If applicable, end each entry with who the items were for.

Account Name:

  • IF YOU ARE A STUDENT GROUP THAT RECEIVED PROJECT FUNDING: Under Account Name, put “Project Funds,” and under Account #, put “6600-9023” Also, include your bill number, which can be found on the AGS website.
  • IF YOU ARE AN AGS COUNCIL MEMBER: Ask an exec what the account name for your expense should be. The account numbers can be found here.

In a blank line, write down the attendance of your event!

Make sure you click the “generate form” button and, when the pdf is generated, print the pdf page itself, NOT your browser window.

Sample Reimbursement Form

Attach all receipts: Tape original, itemized receipts to blank paper. Use multiple sheets if necessary. These have to be neatly done because the UCI staff that processes these receipts has to file them. Make sure no receipts are hanging off the edge of the paper, cutting receipts where necessary. Original, itemized receipts are required! No exceptions.

Attach your event attendance sheet(s)

Staple forms and bring to the VP Finance ( Don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions or concerns!

Make sure to sign your request at the bottom!

Lastly, we require that you take pictures at your event, and advertise AGS funding, for example by displaying the AGS logo on a flyer!

Sample Receipts